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Big Goal for MoJo Hackfest

I'm not fussed about pushing my concept through as-is, I'd much rather splice it together with other people's proposals or even just work with those pursuing similar goals.

Having said that, I'm passionate about/would like to work on projects that tackle:

  • Curation (better methods, bypassing it, automating it, matchmaking readers with curators)
  • Sources (finding ones off the beaten track, linking them together, creating collaborative libraries, using paths to sources rather than just the sources themselves, browsing massive archives by visualising)
  • Accountability (recognising misinformation, giving corrections the same visibility as the original mistakes, letting everybody know how reliable an outlet is)
  • Remixing (maintaining traceability, tools for news mash-ups)
  • Briefing (distilling a story down to its most succinct form so people new to it can get involved in the discussion)
  • Welcoming "the dinosaur school of journalism" into the 21st century with incredibly easy-to-use tools for the social web

Stuff I can do

I'm not a hack or a hacker, I'm a user experience guy so I get excited about making things ridiculously simple and easy to use. I want to trim all the fat off your interfaces... use me!

In the concept department: I'll sit down with you and bash out ideas for new directions, and maybe solve a few problems.

I know HTML, CSS and a little bit of jQuery so can build your new slimline interface, or at the very least wireframe it. It might even be pretty.

I'll also proof read or write copy wherever you need it, and help you articulate things too.