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Project Lead(s): Laurian Gridinoc

Big Goal for MoJo Hackfest

Simplify the idea, prototype the microview (read more on)

Key steps toward goal:

  • remove half-backed bits
  • switch to Embed.ly (as they took over oohembed)
  • create the micro view
  • link the microview into the world (granular URLs, tweetable)
  • export/open paragraphs as tiles

Pending needs: I'll need a sanity check on what I'm doing. (Saleem helped me on this)

Links for more info:

Project Status

Working features:

  • adding "tiles" via google search or URL input
  • ohembed autodiscovery, fallback to readability-like scraping
  • tile notes (flip them)
  • microview zoom
  • paragraph export to tile
  • positioning in the relationship view
  • iPad doubletap zoom + tap navigation
  • freeze scrolled tile (scroll position from micro view to macro view)


I did a sanity check on the concept and interaction with Saleem Khan.

Next Steps

  • clean-up code, abstract it a bit such that I can provide an intersection of different views (tile, map, treemap, relations) in a simpler way
  • drag&drop tiles to reorder
  • html5 drag&drop tiles between tabs and browser windows
  • fix embed.ly integration
  • link-up the websocket bit, to enable collaboration
  • enable persistence
  • fix iPad performance issues (use CSS3 3D translations = hardware accel.)
  • see what bits could be later provided thorught the MetaMeta Project