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About The Project

  • Project Name: Reveal
  • Project Lead: Tathagata (T)
  • Big Goal for MoJo Hackfest: REST-api that takes a text files and annotates it with Named Entities
  • Key steps toward goal:
  1. Make it a REST-ful service
  2. If time permits (and if I can get some help), build the frontend that'll allow uploading files and getting a nicely formatted tagged output.

Stuff done during the #Hacktoberfest

I've been working with Trina on her project Curious. So didn't get a time to work on this one. Code on Github

After #Hacktoberfest

A number of projects demo-ed at #hacktoberfest centered around the idea of extracting named entities from the documents. By plugging this into the [MetaProject], it would provide an uniform way to serve their projects.