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Roundtable is a web platform connecting people, news and ideas.

Readers, journalists and experts are all invited to the table to share their opinions, exchange ideas and resolve issues. Together at the Roundtable, news becomes debate, conversation, an experience.

  • Project Name: Roundtable
  • Project Lead(s): Katie Zhu

Project Status

  • Underlying database schema and comment system
  • The project is currently capable of displaying a test issue with content


The following folks helped with this project:

  • Andy Jennings: Ideation, frontend
  • Stjin Debrouwere: Ideation, backend

Next steps

- From here I would like to:

  • Get comments working and post-able
  • Implement BrowserID to allow users to create accounts
  • Deploy a working prototype
  • Host a test Roundtable, have users play with the platform and experiment, give feedback
  • Modularize the app -- break into chunks that newsrooms might be more able to implement.
  • Make the entire app "pluggable."

Places where this project might be tested include:

  • School publication: North by Northwestern (northbynorthwestern.com)
  • Potentially team up with a news partner (Mohamed suggested potentially having an Al Jazeera English program use the app, focused around the show and its audience).

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