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  • Project Name: VidScribe
  • Project Lead(s): Shaminder Dulai (others welcome!)

Big Goal for MoJo Hackfest

Help others create the components that will feed into VisScribe and to come out with a strategy for development.

Key steps toward goal

   1. Identify other projects that can play nice with VidScribe
   2. Improve my personal code ability
   3. Establish ground work for organizing metadata and a possible API for referencing and assembling media in browser 
   4. Get involved with hacker community for further collaboration and development beyond Hacktoberfest

Pending needs

  • Hack seeks hackers for additional guidance and partnerships
  • Further exploration of transcription engine

Link for more info


Update on Hackfest activities

I've moved toward working with others on the smaller pieces that will help VidScribe become a viable product. Mark Boas' HyperAudioPad project on editable transcribed text and TheMetaMetaProject to establish a standard for meta data. Pitching in on other projects where applicable. Together these projects have the ability to be compatible and integrate to establish a foundation for VidScribe to build upon.

Project Status

  • Building blocks toward completion are in motion, but require further development of additional components.
  • Timed audio of text to timeline working.
  • Collaborating on construction of media meta data API underway.


The following folks helped with this project:

  • Mark Boas/Audio timing of audio
  • TheMetaMetaProject/A very large consortium of Berlin hackfest participants who have all realized that it's in our best interest to create a media meta data API that plays nice with all our projects.

Next steps

- From here I would like to:

  • Complete work on The MetaMetaProject
  • Implement a rudimentary transcription engine that's more automated than Universal Subtitles
  • Style and design a user work-flow and interface that's intuitive and clean
  • Invite others to expand functionality with plug-ins from their projects, such as the HyperAudioPad for extraction and remixing by users or LikeLines for analytical and an alternative user navigational experience.

Places where this project might be tested include:

  • Al Jazeera
  • BBC
  • UK Guardian
  • Essentially anyone who is pushing large quantities of video online and wants to add value to their archive and make it easier for videos to be searched, found and viewed on multiple platforms.