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Project Status

  • Currently working features: I collaborated on other projects this week rather than insist that people join mine. i.e. no curent features.
  • The project is currently capable of: Being assembled within a few days. Now have enough open source resources to proceed to development.
  • The project currently functions in these contexts: In progress.


The following folks helped with this project:

  • MATT (BBC) / found resources, advised on how to go about coding the project

Next steps

- From here I would like to:

  • Meet with the coder I have enlisted to help me build this project in Toronto to discuss
  • Further refine and (hopefully narrow elements)
  • Build functioning proof-of-concept

Places where this project might be tested include:

  • Global Investigative Journalism members
  • Investigative Reporters and Editors members
  • Forum for African Investigative Reporters members


It would be great to be able to gain collaborators on my own project. I'm not married to the idea of working on my personal project here in Berlin...


... I am headed to the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in a week, where my project, InvestigateNet was born.

So, it would be cool to be able to go back to the global investigative news community and tell them that their problem now has a solution that they can start using right away.

If you're interested in this, read on:

Investigate Net Saleem Khan

Best case scenario: Produce a working proof-of-concept or prototype of Investigate Net. It is a simple tool, so it should be achievable within the four-day timeframe of this hackfest.

Key steps

    • see if critical information inputs for micro-collaboration can be reduced/refined further
    • iterate on user experience design
    • build working proof of concept
    • build working prototype

Pending needs:

    • UX critique / additional perspective
    • coders to help me build it

More info http://technovica.com/lab/projects/investigate-net

Demo http://vimeo.com/27737276