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  • COMPLETE: Add opt-in for Drumbeat newsletter to this page560225
  • COMPLETE: Add t-shirt order functionality to donation process 558411
  • Fix final address field & t-shirt issue 558411

Front page

Add new content to right-hand column (Trellon) 


Drumbeat front page -- beta 1.2 -- mock-up with notes.jpg
  • Reduce slide carousel size 567210
    (see mock-up. note: move #drumbeat into top right)
    • STATUS: Ned has completed locally. Implement on dev. Circle back to tweak later, time permitting.
    • TASK (Ned): implement on dev.
  • Move twitter feed into top right column COMPLETE ON DEV  
    • Tweak CSS time-permitting. 567112
  • TASK (Paul):Change front page Twitter feed from "drumbeat" to "#drumbeat" (The search term is currently -RT #drumbeat -drum -hiphop -instrumentals. This is set explicitly in the block content)
  • Update styling of front page projects 567248
    • STATUS: Ned estimates approx. 3 hours work.
    • TASK (Ned) Implement on dev.

Content & copy:

  • TASK (Matt): Update front page carousel items

Post-Beta (Ned):

  • Polish styling of front page blog posts using HTML
  • Style images on front page consistent with rest of blog pages 561112
  • Style blog posts consistently with internal blog posts 567226

Project pages

Drumbeat beat wireframes -- project pages documentation.001.jpg
 Project page improvements (TRELLON)

Security & Privacy

  • Privacy issues around email address export for project leads
    • TASK (Paul): Use "PHP if" to restrict to featured projects only 568288
  • Ensure we're not displaying email addresses on profile pages
    • Check box to display email address? (Paul)
  • Any other security & privacy due dillegence required?

Events page

Drumbeat -- events page wireframes --1.1.jpg

"Projects" landing page

Drumbeat -- projects page mock-up -- version 2.1.jpg
    • Update "about projects" copy at top (Matt) Bug 567234

"People" landing page

Drumbeat mock-up -- people landing page -- May 17.jpg

Tweak "People" landing page (Ned)

    • Make it easier to see who's here. Get way more people on the page. Replace horizontal carousel with big page of people. Bug 567243
    • STATUS: Ned working on disabling javascript and tweaking styling. To be completed on dev by Wed afternoon.
    • TASK (Ned): Working on it.

"About Projects" page

  • Provide high-level description of how Drumbeat projects work (Dharmishta & Henrik)
  • Links to "project initiators" page for more detail aimed specifically at potential project leaders
  • STATUS: Draft in progress here

"About Drumbeat" Page

  • Finalize copy (Dharmishta)
  • Add imagery / art to liven up page? (Dharmishta: want to suggest imagery from our Flickr faves?)
  • Add Drumbeat Toronto video

Site Header & Theme

  • Switch to white background
    • Ned to update in CSS
    • Matt to QA pages for design breaks
  • Update site nav
    • Ned to update nav on dev
    • Ned: shrink logo to line up with horizontal axis
    • Ned: ensure "beta" tag


  • Project-specific donations
    • Enable CiviCRM tracking for project-specific donations as per bug 549916

Planet Drumbeat Blog

  • Implement Planet Drumbeat on Drumbeat.org blog (Trellon)
    • MATT: Resolve issue with blog page vs. front page nodequeue
    • Ned to tweak column width

Social Media


  • Final to do's? (Carlo)


  • Final to do's? (Carlo)


  • Add Flickr events photo stream to Events page (Carlo)
  • Get Mozdrumbeat account working (Carlo)
  • Other final to do's? (Carlo)

"Nice to haves" for beta launch

  • Simplify sign-up process
    • Simplify account creation process & workflow 557523
  • Improve Personal Profile pages
    • Simplify personal profiles. Strip out all remaining redundant fields & complexity.
    • Make the profiles a more effective self-promotion tool. To increase Twitter followers, blog subscribers, etc.
    • More recognition for project participants & project leaders.
  • Simplify project creation process
    • Further simplify project creation process & workflow

Priorities after Beta

Donations & CiviCRM

  • Set up CiviMail (Nathan K?)
    • Configure CiviMail for use
    • CiviMember import from MailChimp and scrub
  • Tweak T-shirt campaign page
  • CiviCRM campaign page set up process (Nathan K.)
    • Documentation / training / best practices on setting up our own Civi campaign page
  • CiviCRM report customization (Nathan K.)
    • e.g., donors by campaign, region, amount, etc.
  • Accelerate work on localization strategy
  • import RSS feed comments
  • More automated social architecture. Get more attention to most active members.
  • Promotional badges & widgets
  • Implement OpenID 557648