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This page, and those linked from it, explain how you can work on the Drumbeat website.


You can install your own local copy of the code, hack on it to make it better, and submit patches.

Some fixes are made via the Drupal web interface, by the admin user. These should be made first on the staging server, tested, and then exactly the same change made on the production server. This keeps the two servers in sync.


The list of bugs is getting ever longer, and we could do with some help triaging, marking duplicates, putting in steps to reproduce and so on.

The link given below will allow you browse through all Drumbeat bugs.

If however you want to bookmark in bugzilla all bugs that are module releated for example you can click on the link "Edit search" and search on the "keyword" drupal-module and then click on the "Remember search" button after naming the search in the accompanying checkbox e.g drumbeat-drupal-module. You will then see a "drumbeat-drupal-module" link at the the bottom of your bugzilla page for later reference.

You can also search on "whiteboard" labels which are non standard keywords

If your creating a new bug here are some suggestions for applying keywords / whiteboard labels ..

  • Keywords
    • drupal-module
    • drupal-theme
    • drupal-upgrade
    • drupal-admin-fixable
    • ue
    • useless-UI
    • helpwanted

Please see Bugzilla keywords for more information.

  • Whiteboard labels (Personal recommendations, feedback welcome)
    • server-configuration
    • server-statistics
    • server-security
    • web-standards
    • civicrm


Discuss changes in:


The following people are involved in Drumbeat website development: