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May 3, 2010 Meeting Agenda

   * Weekly dial-in meeting, Monday, 8 a.m. PST
   * Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7601
   * US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7601
   * US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 Conference number 7601
   * Mozilla Drumbeat -> #drumbeat | IRC channel

When you call in, you'll be muted by default, to keep phone noise down. Use "*1" (including the star) to unmute yourself if you want to say something.


  • Call for agenda items
  • Kudos and thanks :)
    • Please welcome Paul Osman, Senior Web Developer!
  • Universal Subtitles (Nicholas & Dean)
    • Follow-up on help offers & next steps
      • Quick update from Nick & Dean on what's happening this month for the project
      • How can we make most effective use of help offers & new sign-ups?
      • How can Drumbeat help Univ Subs most effectively this month?
    • Brett
  • Events update (Gunner)
    • Berlin
  • Drumbeat in Brazil
    • Drumbeat São Carlos
    • Internationalization - 'Batucada'
    • Follow-up on WMM Workshop on TV Cultura
  • Other items?


Universal Subtitles

Considering two questions right now 1) When do they start testing? 2) When to release?

  • Have immediate use for beta testers
  • More open-ended offers: various skills
  • Video on You Tube explaining the project. Had offered to be an advisor to and for the deaf community for the project.
    • Let's send that video around!

  • Should the project create sub-committees around specific areas / communities
  • Need to find a way to lay it all out, group people together
  • Sent a big email out last week -- with fundraising ask
    • Haven't gotten latest results from Chelsea yet
  • This month: more clarity for folks signing up for project
  • Non-public beta test: will start within next 10 days
  • Question: when does it go to public beta: much more open ended
  • Language offers
  • Once fully lunched, will be more automated way for people to identify language skills
  • How do we structure the community internally?
  • If see Wikipedia as model, want to organize around certain languages?
  • e.g., some people as moderators for a given language? Roaming moderators? etc.?
  • Certain experts within languages that can elevate others up
  • Is there something beyond the demo video that can be presented at Drumbeat events (e.g., Drumbeat Berlin) to plug people into project?
  • How can we plug Univ Subs into local events?
    • Follow up: can we set up a beta testing station for Berlin?


  • Berlin training event Friday. Main event at Betahaus in Berlin
  • Still need outreach help to get non usual suspects. Open education, open art, open cinema, open knowledge, etc.



  • Group of usual suspects
  • Rather than covering event, focused on

Ethan Zukerman (sp?), memetic culture, BuzzFeed

  • used as lens onto open web
  • Interviewing Johnathan Zittrain May 28
  • Brett: big goal for project: develop HTML5 video tools
  • working with Ben Moscowitz on WebMadeMovies.org
    • idea: having a landing page
      • divide participation asks between: 1) content creators and 2) geeks. with software challenges
    • will set up wiki on content side of things
    • will set up an ideascale install -- brainstorm what people are looking for and what geeks can make with HTML5 video player
      • set the stage for a design challenge
  • is it a bad idea to split the participation that way?
  • how can WebMadeMovies learn from Nick & Dean's design challenge experience