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Mozilla does its work through open weekly calls and we've decided that for drumbeat we should follow the same model


Who you are, where you are and what you're hoping to get out of drumbeat/this call

  • Mark Surman – Toronto – Mozilla Foundation – Executive Director
  • David Eaves – Vancouver - Open data activist
  • Gillian Kerr – Toronto – Policy analyst
  • Tomcat – Mozilla software engineer in Germany
  • Jamie Boje – Michigan - Working with Firefox
  • Ben Mosoqitz – New York - Open Source Video Tech
  • Janice Kerr – California – Consultant
  • Matt Thompson – Toronto – Open Internet Activist
  • Chelsea Novak – Toronto – Mozilla Foundation – Fundraiser and marketer

Where we're at with Drumbeat

In the last 10 days we've come up with a more concrete plan for drumbeat

  • focused on getting people in the door
  • building channels that let people self-define and get in the door and then build community around those defined issues

Prototyping the website

  • Matt Thompson discusses the drumbeat website

https://wiki.mozilla.org/Drumbeat/website – whiteboarded wireframes

  • What can we do to make it better?
  • What can we do to invite more community
    • Ben – Community voting example with a simple installation http://videowtf.com/
    • Question from Jamie Bonje: Why are we going with wordpress vs. Drupal? We are using wordpress to get us out of the box quickly. In the longer term drupal may be the solution in the longer term (Jamie and Paul could have a drupal page up today on a staging server)
    • Question: where is the content that engages people who aren't as immersed in the technology community. Are there some examples that would help to engage people in the issues that they understand

Drumbeat Content

  • Matt Thompson and David Eaves discuss the content
  • David – the topics are framed around values/solutions – the value would come from solutions/problems (I'm frustrated by x or y). The closest we are at with the wireframes are the tag cloud
    • Perhaps a page on the site where people can input the problem (problem statement) that they have that funnels people to the solution or values that appeals to them the most directly
  • Gillian – Having a website that pulls people to the stream that they came in through.
    • Where are the resources? What are the references, scope and context? Do we want to build in something about the maturity of ideas/resources (Ideas, Actions, People, Resources?), using the alpha, beta, etc model to represent that many ideas are in different places.
  • Mark – Other things we're hoping to uncover in the people stream are getting on radar actual individuals, organizations or companies that are much further along than a problem statement in a way to get people backing them and working with them.
  • Gina – having trouble having trouble understanding what the ask is
  • Gillian – thoughts about brainstorming and how to do it better? What does it mean to make the web better, where is the research? Where does this kind of thinking fit in?
  • Ben – Suggesting a paragraph to help bring someone into the fold of drumbeat. Will help with content examples. Suggest a call later today with David, Matt.

Next week's agenda

Can we set up local meetups to talk about drumbeat - Tomcat