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Draft Only

Matt Thompson to review with Mark Surman Thurs aft


Data & Identity


  • Data & Identify in the cloud: “Who owns You?”
  • “Who owns You?”
  • “Building the Open Cloud”
  • “Building a Better Cloud”

1 Sentence Summary

Apply Mozilla’s core brand promise of giving users more control over their web experience to the issues of data, identity, and what’s happening in the cloud and social networks. (needs better -- rewrite)


  • Raise consciousness and influence the conversation around privacy, data, terms of service, and building a better and more open cloud.
  • Scale up the number of people involved in the conversation, and tie the discussion to actively painting and mapping a better and more open vision of the future.
  • Nudge the culture. Simply getting enough people talking about this issue will influence companies and observers to change. This is an area where simply raising consciousness really can have an impact.
  • Simplify and improve terms of service at key sites. Use a Creative Commons-type logo program to make it easier for to easily identify fairer and more open terms of service, with less hassle and complexity for the average user.
  • Provide a bridge between Firefox’s original core values of keeping control in the hands of web users, renewing this core brand promise for the cloud and future web


  • Industry & thought leaders working on data, privacy, and how the cloud should work
  • Bar Camps and participants in other small events
  • Owners and influencers at social networking and user-generated content sites
  • Add others?


  • Produce materials and small campaigns on data and identify issues that people can take and deploy locally (Conga: small events & Bar Camps, etc.)
    • (Question: What specific assets that could be built out of those conversations?
  • Engage people in data and identity discussion online (Bongo)
  • Gather key inputs from these conversations to produce a set of principles for what the open cloud of the future should look like. Present it at big event. (Tympani)

  • Develop a modular, Creative Commons-type logo program that helps to codify and simplify fairer and more open best practices
  • Champion these logos through marquee sites, high-profile adopters, and a potential PSA-style or user-generated campaign
  • Engage social networking site users to apply positive pressure towards upgrading these sites’ terms of service. Avoid demonizing the companies in question or being heavy-handed -- it’s more about positive soft pressure from within these communities. (kinda like the Green My Apple campaign)


To be added?

Random notes / brainstorming / other stuff

“Giveaway” Video PSA concept Imagine a woman walking down the street. She passes a guy selling a stereo on the sidewalk -- then realizes its HER stereo. She chases after the guy -- but pulls up short at a store window, where she sees HER clothes for sale in the window display. Her jaw drops as she walks on, past a cafe where a guy is sipping coffee our of HER personal coffee mug. Finally she sees a bus go by -- with HER photo plastered on the side of some tacky advertisement. The guy who stole her stereo waves from the receding bus window. “You wouldn’t let a bunch of strangers take and sell your stuff. So why do it online?” Make abstract ownership in the cloud issues more concrete by comparing it to a real-world scenario and real-world “stuff” like this.