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"Upgrade the Web"

1 Sentence Pitch

Get web developers and the Mozilla community excited by sexy new trends and capabilities for the Web in 2010 and beyond -- solutions, protocols and tools that also bake in Mozilla’s open web principles.


  • Inspire web developers and their community of influencers around HTML5 as a platform for innovation
  • Use the “upgrade the web” frame to simplify the message for less techy people and media
  • Focus on a) modern browsers and b) HTML5 as platform for open innovation


  • Tech aware people who already feel affinity to Mozilla and Firefox (early)
    • This is basically the Spreadfirefox / Download Day audience reactivated
  • A broader / more mainstream growth audience:
    • Less tech aware people who want to reach more audience / look better online (later)
    • A larger general audience who notices 'something is going on' and also upgrades their browser

Potential Partners

Web industry audience:

  • Web Foundation
  • Global Voices?
  • Wikipedia?
  • Wordpress?
  • Kaltura?
  • Other orgs that produce modern browsers?
  • Who else?


  • Reach out to site owners who don't render well in Firefox and other modern browsers w/ a message that 'x00 million internet users can't see your site properly'. Develop follow up and support campaigns with this group.
  • Develop remixable materials and tool-kits that Mozilla supporters can present at local events, BarCamps, Ignites, etc. reach bloggers and people who create social media

Mozilla community members make and improve these presentations.

  • Upgrade the Web Festival, major event combining thought leadership and creation of demos and content showcasing the open web (tympani)
  • Small actions and video contest that anyone who wants to evangelize the open web can participate in (bongo)
  • Get bloggers and site owners who have joined the community to add code / plugins / pages that encourage site visitors to upgrade to a modern browser
  • Give people a peak at the “Internet of tomorrow”


  • Measure the increase in number of sites that use open web stack and render well in modern browsers?
  • Increase overall percentage of Internet access through modern browsers?
  • Donations to Mozilla Drumbeat campaign?
  • Further mainstream press coverage of the “upgrade your web” meme? (Already achieved substantial pick-up of this meme in coverage of Firefox 3.5)


Cool examples of how media and others are also adopting the "upgrade the web" meme: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10277364-16.html http://www.slate.com/id/2221756/