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Open Video


  • Unlock Your Video
  • Open Video Mash-Up Content
  • The World’s First Open Video Mash-Up Festival

1 sentence summary

Show off what open video can do by gathering the world’s most compelling, cutting-edge open video demos and experiments in a friendly, competitive platform that gets noticed and gives people a taste of how open video can be combined with other parts of the open web.


  • Show off what open video can do and what the future of web video looks like. Gather the world’s most compelling open video and social media video mash-up demos and samples.
  • Show how open video can combine with the rest of the open web for entertainment, education and art.
  • Raise awareness and increase adoption of open video, connecting to the broader idea of the open web as a toolkit for innovation and creativity.
  • Begin to build some of the same amazing energy and spirit of user-generated video (like FireFox flicks) to getting people excited about open video and open video mash-ups.
  • Look for ways to dovetail with an existing “Open video contest” under development at Open Video Alliance, so that even a small amount of Mozilla participation can pay back great dividends.


  • Filmmakers and video artists, especially those who:
    • want to experiment w/ cutting edge techniques
    • want to link social media and their film work
  • Those already involved in the Open Video Alliance, or see themselves as advocates for open video
  • Local film and video clubs? Video artists?
  • Hackers who want to make something cool using HTML5 and the video tag to show what’s possible with open video
  • Tech and video industry players, especially those who can help get open video technologies to large numbers of video producers
  • Existing Moz Campus Reps in leading film schools

Potential Partners

  • Open Video Alliance
  • Archive.org
  • Kaltura
  • Wikipedia
  • Workbook Project
  • Centre for Internet Studies - India (?)
  • FGV and others - Brasil
  • Film schools / professors
  • University film and video clubs
  • Wordpress?
  • Rhizome?
  • Intelligent TV
  • Ignites, BarCamps, social media meetups?


  • Collaborate to produce the world’s first Open Video Mash-up Contest
  • Inspire new open web / social media mash-ups using open video
  • Get high-profile filmmakers and taste makers on board
  • Announce “winners” and use it as way to drive blog and earned media attention on the future of open video and how it supports a more open web and creative world.
  • Big annual event (Tympani), tying in the annual Open Video Conference.
  • Ground game (Conga) at colleges, universities, film schools, etc. Replicate the great film school successes of "Firefox Flicks"


  • Generate 5 - 10 eye-popping or “wow” demos and sample of what we mean by “open video” and why it’s so cool
  • Success can be measured by
    • The quality of these pilot projects
    • Their reception with media makers and the web public