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Leveraging open web social entrepreneurs

1 sentence summary

Find and support tech-enabled trail blazers whose work builds on the open web and whose stories demonstrate how the “open” in “open web” is solving real-world problems.


  • Find ways to showcase these people and have many people connect to them and leverage / iterate their ideas.
  • Generate inspiring personal stories and examples Mozilla can use in its other campaigns and overall storytelling?


  • Tech-enabled social entrepreneurs whose work embodies the traits of the open web
    • eg., two guys using SMS to provide health care record sharing in remote villages in Africa
  • Others?


  • Find and gather these kinds of inspiring personal stories of “open web” change makers. Could be a simple one-page web site that models a few examples, then makes it easy to tell your own story or suggest someone else.
  • Could tie in to some sort of “awards” or other public recognition effort?

Mozilla could give out awards to the year’s most inspiring “open web” change maker? To simultaneously boost both the winner and Mozilla’s public service profile?


What are the metrics of success?

  • Is the primary goal simply to generate dozens of awesome stories? So that Mozilla can use them as inspiring examples in their other campaigns and overall storytelling?
  • Support fundraising and relationship-building in philanthropic tech community?
  • Gathering examples of these kinds of trailblazers or champions may be a great way to overcome “open web” communications barriers, kick off a great presentation, and tell more powerful and emotional stories.