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Info / published articles

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Publication name Locale/Country Date (expected date) Link
El Pais Spanish 08/11/2010 link to article
Vilaweb, Internauta Catalan 3/11/2010 link to article
BarcelonaTV Catalan 05/11/2010 link to article
La Malla (La Malla Tendencies) Catalan 18/11/2010 link to publication
Owni.fr French 4/11/2010 link to article
La Vanguardia (Tic Tac news) Spanish 15/11/2010 link
Xarxanet news Catalan 15/11/2010 link to article
3cat34 - Catalan national News Channel Catalan 16/11/2010 link to interview
Rzeczposolita - Polish national daily paper Polish 23/11/2010 [1]
El Pais Spanish 26/11/2010 [2]

Mitjans confirmats / Confirmed media

  • El País (estat Espanyol)
  • La MallaTV -La Malla Tendenciès (Catalunya)
  • Internauta (Catalunya)
  • Vanguardia (Catalunya)
  • El Publico (castellano)
  • Infonomia (estat Espanyol)
  • Avui.cat (Catalunya)?
  • 3.24 (Catalunya)
  • Televisió de Catalunya
  • Televisió espanyola 2 (?)
  • BrandEins (Germany)
  • Newsweek (Poland)
  • Rzeczpospolita (Poland)
  • What's up (Italy)
  • L'Espresso (Italy)
  • BBC Focus Magazine (UK)
  • Agent4Change.net (UK)
  • Owni (France)

Key messages

A. We all benefit from the open web

  • most powerful communications tool in history of humanity
  • lets a single idea achieve global impact
  • nervous system of trade, education, governance, activism and play
    • ⇒ Mozilla exists to make sure the Internet stays open and awesome!

B. With drumbeat, we’re moving beyond Firefox to build more things that make the web better – not just software

  • Subtitles/captions for every video on the web
  • Free/open web development skills for the world (p2pu)
  • Revolutionizing online video
    • ⇒We’re doing this by reaching out to new kinds of people – teachers, filmmakers,lawyers, and journalists. These people will play a key role in shaping the future of the web.

C. The open web influences much more than technology It shapes the way we learn and share information.

  • The open web gives us access to the educational resources we need
  • The open web connects us to millions of other people to learn with
  • The open web helps to create new tools for learning

D. Event facts

  • over 350 attendees
  • from 40 countries
  • 130 session

In Catalan: a document for local media / local institutions (used before the Festival)



Key messages to be "localized" in Catalan and Spanish. - "localize" the same key message as for International media!

Communications planing

Here what has happened / is planed (does not include local activities!)

  • Outreach to major non-tech media in 6 EU markets to bring media to Barcelona (done)
  • Media alert ("press release") on the morning of 4th with pictures from opening and science fair to Mozilla friendly reporters across Europe (will share draft here asap)
  • Follow-up info and story pitches with content from Festival to media across Europe (week of November 8th)

Official "Press release" to be localized in both Spanish/Catalan for local media.

Catalan: Spanish:

Update: local media will show up on 4 November morning as well. (Alina)

Press materials

  • Press packs that media get at registration will include:
    • latest schedule
    • map of venue
    • contact info press contacts on site
    • fact sheet / "press release"
    • list of speakers
  • Interview packs for speakers / interviewees
    • Info on journalist and publication
    • Info on journalists market
    • Key messages sheet

Press logistics / Interviews at event

  • All media will get one key contact on the press team as their main contact that will help them find interview partners, will staff interview and make sure they get the pictures and materials they need
  • All interview requests for Mitchell go through Barbara (bhueppe@mozilla.com)
  • We will have a photographer on site that can take specific pictures for press. There will be a "need this photo" wall at the press room. Requests can be added there.
  • We have asked media (and will ask again at registration) which attendees / speakers / projects the journalists wants to talk to. We will try to suggest a wide variety of attendees, projects, speaker!
  • Did the same for local media (will share a list soon)
  • Reservations have been made for a press dinner for out of country press for Thursday night. A few staff / attendees will be invited to come along.

Tuesday Communication/pr team meeting

  • 10.00AM
  • meeting point: Plaça dels Angels (Festival venue)