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Shock the System:
Or How To Build a Revolutionary Learning Enterprise

with Laurie Racine from startl.org

Drumbeat Festival, Barcelona

Participants will PRESENT their 2-minute pitches Friday, 15:00 – 15:50 Main Hall

Startl is holding a workshop on building cutting edge learning innovation companies. Hosted by Laurie Racine, Founder and Managing Director of Startl, this session will be a quick dive into the opportunities and pitfalls facing folks interested in getting the next great idea for learners to the market. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange perspectives, find collaborative partners and even get some one on one advice.

Founded by an investment from the MacArthur, Gates, Hewlett, Kellogg and Lumina Foundations, Startl is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting the innovation of effective, affordable, and accessible learning products. Startl’s focus is create the conditions for success that let innovators build and capitalize products that truly help learners learn.

There are only five spaces available for this invitation-only session

First come, first served. Please sign up using the spaces below:

  1. Jorge Couchet
  2. Trang Ho
  3. Kathi Fletcher
  4. Michael Nelson
  5. Ian Sullivan