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This is the landing page for managing the l10n of the festival.

Tracking bugs:

Website l10n

We will provide PO files for every page of the festival. Some of the strings may repeat between pages, so you will benefit from using a translation memory empowered PO editor.

Page (en) Version / Date Page (ca) Page (es)
Festival (landing page)
Program 2010/09/06 2010/09/15 2010/09/15
Participants 2010/09/06 2010/09/15 2010/09/15
Registration 2010/09/06 2010/09/15 2010/09/15
Get involved 2010/09/06 2010/09/15 2010/09/15
Logistics 2010/09/16
Propose an idea 2010/09/16

Apart, we have the title of the pages:

  • (en) Drumbeat Learning, Freedom and the Web Festival
  • (ca) Festival Drumbeat: aprenentatge, web i llibertat
  • (es) Festival Drumbeat: aprendizaje, web y libertad

(en: English, ca: català, es: castellano)