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On the call

Nathaniel James, Mark Surman, Maria Sole, Allen Gunn, Michelle Thorne<br>


  • brief 5 minute reporting on : Venue, Organizing the Local Committee, Design, & Budget
  • Picking a standing call time. 8 am PDT Tuesdays.
  • We will primarily discuss the big announcement we will send out on Monday, Aug 9. 


  •  no news. Meetings with Mark tomorrow.
  • IT infrastructure: new partnership for free IT. Need a list of needs.

Organizing the Local Committee:

  • did people like the guidelines. How much work time, though?


  • NJ continues w Movement


  • $200k from Mozilla; MacArthur will bring their cohort (25 people)
  • NJ started scaffolding
  • Ask – Food & drink sponsors? Yes, go forward.

Program status:

  • Kudos to Michelle for bringing in new ideas and people, global
  • 2 problems: cohesion (Mark & Michelle). Filling gaps: low on technologists, freedom angle (what does openness and freedom bring to learning)
  • technologist outreach: web developer education (running courses in Europe and world), people who do web tech for Open Web (OEC attendees might not be the technologists), people with nifty stuff to show (a few more like Hackbus). Stay stuff like “bring your web developer.”

Web site:

  •  NJ laid out plan
  • MS recommends: imagine using the website for leak out regular basis, to avoid big announcements. Look at ROFLcon and OVC. Collecting volunteers – program leaks.
  • DBFest twitter – no forking
  • Hashtag: drumbeat10. Just #drumbeat? yes, but will revisit next week
  • Identi.ca: Consult Carlo & Matt

Monday’s announcement:

  • Mark: propose shoot for send on Wednesday. approved.
  • Steps: NJ reviews MTh’s copy. NJ sends a stab to Mark tonight –LOOK AT THIS. Nailed structurally by weekend. MS & Mth send finalise copy on Monday. NJ work on the lists (add in Chelsea to get it into Mail Champ).

Action items:

  • NJ: IT and internet needs on wiki.
  • MS: sponsor letter
  • MS& MTh – working on cohesion 
  • NJ: look into identi.ca