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On the call

Nathaniel James, Mark Surman, Maria Sole, Allen Gunn, Michelle Thorne


  • Festival Vision
  • Program
  • Venue
  • Planning team & working process
  • Design & Build

Festival Vision

Action items:

  • Improve vision document by adding some narrative to participants section, reordering participants to reflect the mix of open ed and open web communities, adding a preamble for more general goals, simplifying goals section w/ emphasis on what makes DBF10 unique (focus on prject state changes, new active collaborations), adding a "what will happen at DBF10 section" with headlines from confirmed programming, and adding more current language to the message section.


  • Currently light on confirmed tech community & European participants.
  • Public confirming Michelle Thorne as program co-chair with Mark.
  • Discussed localization: reac out to Mozilla localization community in Spain to request regular updates in Spanish and Catalan on 5-10 key Festical web pages.  Begin messaging for on-site language issues: English event, strong effort to translate plenary sessions into Spanish and Catalan, small groups work from a basic set of sensible guidelines.  Saturday event mostly in Catalan for local young people.

Action items

  • Mark will begin intenstive Mozilla Europe outreach on Aug 2.
  • Nathan generates outreach message for Aug 4 to announce current programming and timeline (registration, call for ideas, etc.)
  • Nathan and Maria make localization outreach plan.
  • Allen and Maria make on site language plan.
  • Nathan requests access to www.drumbeat.org Festival signups


  • Progress update - all moving forward

Planning team & working process

  • Three tiers: Core Team, Advisory Committee, Participants
  • Core Team: Mark, Nathan, Maria, Michelle, Allen.  May add 1-3 more in coming weeks.
  • Advisory commitee: see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Drumbeat/events/Festival/team
  • Working process: weekly core team calls and report outs. List for most involved advisors and participants

Action items:

  • Nathan to set up list

Design & Build

  • Discussed the look & feel (and development process of same) for Festival: lightweight (ie less thna 10% of elements we had at Summit 2010), generativity support (butcher block, tape, markers, etc.).  3 potential vendors for design and web development identified.

Action items: 

  • Nathan initiates convo with designers/developers.

Other action items

  • Begin developing template for participant-to-funder outreach to supplement travel costs