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Remixing WaSP Interact

Chris Mills, Pippa Buchanan, Henny Swan, Janet Swisher


Identify types of remixing and develop strategies to encourage their use and quality.

  • Synergies between School of Webcraft and WaSP - where are the overlaps?
  • Develop strategies between groups
  • Can we document how to and  things  to consider?
  • How can School of Webcraft participants remix WaSP curricula?
  • How can an independent learner remix the WaSP curricula?
  • How can WaSP recognise these remixes? how do you sanction them?
    • (bring Stian Haklev, OCW for input on remixing)
  • How do Opera and Mozilla recognise translations?
  • How do gather and motivate a localisation team?


Part how-to guide, part hands-on-course-hack.

Using the WaSP Interact curriculum as a base we'll explore ways to incorporate content into an existing course at a tertiary level. We'll also look at how non-academic audiences such as P2PU School of Webcraft and independent learners can remix the content to make it more relevant for their needs.

What do you want to achieve?

To help as many people as possible take advantage of the learning materials in the WaSP Interact Curriculum. The curriculum is targeted for deployment by trained educators in academic situations: how can as broad an audience as possible use the materials?

Who should come? How many? For how long?

OER remix specialists, Webcraft Course Leaders, Web Educators, Web Learners. Audience size: 12 people Duration: 50 minutes

What will they do when they get there?

Identify 3 modules from the WaSP curriculum that will be remixed for different audiences. Work out strategies to make them more user friendly for learners. Give feedback on the draft How-TO guide for WaSP (link?)

What will you / they have at the end?

  • 3 draft remixes of WaSP learning materials
    • change of language for non-formal learners
    • additional tutorials and resources from MDN and the wider web added.
  • Notes on the remix process
  • The beginnings of a how-to guide for academics and learners using the WaSP Curricula.

What Can I Do Before The Festival

Look at the WaSP Interact Curriculum and identify some modules or learning objectives to focus the remixing on.