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The Web Craft Guild

How can web developers, educators, learners, employers and industry join together to promote, teach, learn and recognise best practice?

We'll frame this discussion around the idea of a crafts-based guild, however, modern professional associations are also a good way of thinking about the way in which web development stakeholders can organise themselves.


Participants will be able to join in one of four break-out sessions exploring specific aspects of the idea of a Web Craft Guild.  After 30 minutes of facilitated discussion, the groups will join together to report back on their key ideas and there will be group discussion.

Breakout groups:

  • What would bring respect to a Web Craft Guild?
  • Who would be the largest membership group in a Web Craft Guild? (Students? Educators?)
  • What would be the primary benefits of a guild-like organisation?
  • How would a guild organise and communicate between its members?

What do you want to achieve?

Recommendations for how a Web Craft Guild could organise and communicate amongs its members.