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Collective, on-the-field discovery around city spots intensive in data or information, analyzing its openness and sharing the process online


The walkshop consists in a shared active exploration around streets and squares near the festival venue (looking for signs, hardware, graffitis, marks, images, special spots in general) in order to prepare a digital "gymkhana" as a learning activity for youth/tourists/geeks. Afterwards there would be a short session for geolocating online and printing what has been found.

What we want to do is a kind of meta-activity oriented to apply a method to different learning subjects (history, society, culture, architecture, art, etc) while the learners walk around a urban context. For this purpose we will establish a random circuit with marks (QR codes) that once processed show images/videos/texts that may take to a next spot. These inputs (images, text, sounds, videos) could be sent by mobile devices and published on the go on a blog (and could be afterwards geolocated, as well as generating a QR code).

What do you want to achieve? (goal)

  • A path and/or set of spots rich in metainformation that could be applied to learning contexts, ideally oriented to kids or teenagers.
  • A prototype of activity that can be tested afterwards.
  • An open map about some of Raval informational or emotional activity observable from the street.
  • Online comments and discussions about significant spots from the participants point of view.
  • Another way for discovering Barcelona's activity and the role of information displays.

Who should come? How many? For how long? (audience)

  • Anyone interested in how cities are evolving into informational environments.
  • Tech people experienced in SMS, QR and smartphones, as well as publishing online.
  • Educators who want to work on an open and active dynamic for shared discovering.
  • Geeks who visit Barcelona for the first time :)

The walkshop could last around 3 hours more or less, and can be done by a maximum of 10-15 participants.

What will they do when they get there? (activities)

  1. Presentation, introductions, identification of common objectives (in the FAD venue)
  2. Walkshop, taking pictures and comments, online publishing (outside)
  3. QR generation, geolocation and discussion (back in the tent)
  4. (Afterwards) Don't forget to stick the QR codes on the way back :)

What will you / they have at the end? (outputs)

  • A tested or improved circuit for receiving clues and instructions via mobile and sending data to be published on the open web.
  • Quick posting of pictures and comments through mobile devices to a dedicated microblog website (example)
  • Geolocation of what has been found (example).

Additional background and context

The activity is based in a recent walkshop lead by Adam Greenfield and Nurri Kim in collaboration with Urbanlabs, which covered a nearby area and had successfully results and feedback from participants.

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