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Arduino, Processing and Fantasia -- Learn simple tools developed for Education in Informatics and Electronics. Create your own Experiments/VideoGames/Robots/Hacks.

Come and find us in Arduino Tent where several projects are shown allowing people to experiment with Arduino and Processing in different fields.

  • Contact: Davide Gomba [d.gomba at arduino dot cc]
  • Team: Massimo Banzi, Costantino Bongiorno, Cristian Maglie, Davide Gomba.
  • Hosts: Arduino
  • Status: confirmed


Arduino, Processing and Fantasia -- Learn different approaches in teaching electronics and informatics in class, using opensource tools such Arduino and Processing, with the help of Tinker.it Toolkit. Projects featured span from basic Arduino robots to broken Hard Disks Recycling passing through vintage VideoGaming design.

What do you want to achieve? (goal)

  • Enjoy!
  • Revamp your Educational Bag to excite ANY kind of Class
  • Get in touch with different Educational Tools: Arduino, Processing, ToolKit
  • Transforming you Informatics Classes in interdisciplinary projects dealing with Science, History, Ethics.
  • Make Friends!

Who should come? How many? For how long? (audience)

  • Anyone. From teachers to students to Edu-Punks
  • Artists/gamers/Designers interested in get in touch with new ways to prototype
  • we want our audience to be able to attend and follow different tents. We'll be there with our PCs and possibly organize 1h courses to explain different projects.

Open Projects (activities)

  • Basic Arduino Robot
  • Arduino and Science, the Hacked Classroom
  • Arduino + Processing = VideoGaming
  • Arduino and Electronic Recycle a.k.a. Turn That Old Useless Hard Drive In An Encoder (and possibly use it to scratch audio and video together ;)
  • Arduino and ToolKit in the Classroom. Projects from the Scuola-Project in Italy

Sharing Results (outputs)

  • We'll have prototyped (with you!) new ways to improve classhours
  • Different examples of Educational Tools in action
  • Show a different way to teach technology that is more hands on and fun to do!

What we've actually done together!