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This session is part of the Video Lab, where over two days we're aiming to build a tool that remixes video in the classroom. For an overview of what we're after, visit here first

Skills Lab

Participants will have the ability to get their hands dirty learning open video skills, with a spectrum that ranges from 101 to advanced.

Topics will include:

  • How to get video from your camera to the web in less than 10 minutes
  • Best practices for getting the most out of video on your blog
  • How to create semantic video using Popcorn.js and HTML5
  • How to use Universal Subtitles to host your video in every language on earth

note: those wishing to learn will need to bring their laptops and should have modern browsers installed

Now that you've elevated your game, help us brainstorm what's missing in this ecosystem - we want to build new tools, so [join us in the next session]