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Drumbeat Opening Reception and Science Fair: MACBA Atrium, Nov 3, 8:30pm 

Get a sense of the scope of the Festival and seek out collaborators for the next two days -- in a casual setting with some of the smartest people working on open education on the web today.

Remember Science Fairs in grade school?  The Drumbeat version involves grown-ups and cocktails, but it's pretty much the same concept.  Smart people who are passionate about their super-cool projects -- research, learning models, web projects, software, experiments -- want to show you what they're working on and get your feedback and ideas. They'll bring out their prototypes, wireframes, maps, charts, and crazy ideas while you explore and engage. The Science Fair will include tables for each of the official tents and spaces holding programming throughout the Festival, so you can learn what they've got planned.

There will be prizes for participants who interact with the most exhibits!

FYI, we've done this before. Check out these Mozilla Summit Science Fair pictures to get a sense of how awesome it will be.

Where and When?

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Atrium

Wednesday, November 3, 8:30 - 11pm

8:30 -9:00pm   Cocktails, snacks, mingling and exploring
9:00 - 9:30pm  Festival welcome and brief keynote by Creative Commons CEO Joi Ito
9:30 - 11pm     More demo-ing, chatting, and diving in. Cocktails and light snacks all evening.

Who's presenting?

Festival organizers have selected 28 fabulous Science Fair exhibitions out of 45 proposals submitted. We can't wait to see them all!

  • iHeartSwitch - Switch Craft
  • P2PU - School of Webcraft
  • Arduino - Arduino
  • Wikimedia Foundation - Wikipedia University
  • KMi The Open University - Cohere
  • aDeNu - Uned University - Every1Tutor
  • Wikiotics - Wikiotics
  • gnowledge lab - Collaborative Construction of Semantic Knowledge Network Learning Goals
  • HASTAC - Storming the Academy/FutureClass
  • Tatoeba
  • monochrom - hackbus.info
  • IKIT, University of Toronto - Individual Learning and Group Knowledge Building
  • Kaizendo.org - Kaizendo
  • Free Knowledge Institute - The Free Technology Academy
  • Flat World Knowledge - Open Content Studio
  • University of Sao Paulo - Distributed Gathering Environment
  • Open Web Education Alliance - Open Web Education Alliance
  • University of the People - University of the People
  • Connexions - Road Map for the Education Highway
  • Mozilla Foundation and P2PU - Badge Lab
  • OpenCourseWare Consortium - EduCommons & Twhistory
  • The Seeks Project - Seeks
  • CrisisCommons - Crack Crowdsource Training
  • Urbanlabs - Sprint Printing Demos
  • Open Knowledge Foundation - Projects for Open Knowledge
  • Happyworm Ltd - Learning with HTML5 Audio
  • Big Fun Arts - Big Fun Arts

Check out full details on all the Science Fair presenters!