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Wikiotics language lesson assembly studio

We're going to get together at the festival and build language lessons to teach some of the specialized vocabulary from the festival using our cameras, laptops, and the [Wikiotics] system.

  • Goal: Build a collection of language lessons using the visual materials around us.
  • Audience: Anyone with a camera or a laptop or knowledge of at least one language. Introduction and language lesson creation should take from 30 to 60 minutes. More than 60 people might get a little chaotic, but we should theoretically work with any size group.
  • Activities: Attendees will be making language lessons by taking pictures of items around us that illustrate local vocabulary: local buildings, foods, plants, animals, conference tables, types of laptops, etc. We will then be arranging these items into a progression to make a lesson, and translating the lessons into multiple languages.
  • Outputs: At the end, we should have a collection of language lessons to teach ourselves, and anyone online, how to describe our environment in multiple languages.

These sessions will be run by [Ian Sullivan] and [Matt Curinga].

Contact: Ian Sullivan, Wikiotics.org, "sullivan" in #drumbeat on freenode

Proposed space: Open content Studio

Summary: Come turn our conference environment into language education resources. We will take pictures, translate sentences, and arrange both online to create interactive language lessons for people online. Anyone with a camera, laptop, or knowledge of at least one language is welcome.