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Xbee + Bicycle -> Open Web


Ride your bicycle and let other people know about it using the open
web technologies! This activity will help you construct, deploy and
share the setup needed to do so. We also want your help on improving

What do you want to achieve? (goal)

This activity will try to interface the physical world (cycling) to
the open web (html5 canvas visualization) through open hardware and
open software. Keeping our world open in all stages is the key
principal behind our activity and we believe we can do it :)

Who should come

Anyone interested in physical interaction and visual representation of
it. Artists, hardware hackers, web designers and of course bicyclists!
People willing to contribute and have awesome ideas are gladly welcome

How many?

For how long? (audience)
1 hour intro-demo and rest of the day development. We will be around
the plaza testing it and deploying it.

What will they do when they get there? (activities)

Bring their bicycle and/or xbee enabled arduino. We will explain the
basic idea and the way it works. Then we will deploy some arduino on
the bicycles and after the go on wild we will start seeing results on
our html5 based webpage :)

What will you / they have at the end? (outputs)

They will have more ideas on what to do with arduino, gathering data
from physical world and visualizing them using solely open web enabled
We will have great feedback for our projects based on arduino and
learn more in the making.

Additional background and context

The technologies that will be used (bicycle, arduino, xbee,
processing, pachube, html5 canvas, processing.js) are there for a
couple of years. It needs some cool ideas and some tireless efforts to
combine ideas with technologies and make our dream of the "open world
of sharing" become true. We shall start all together making our world
more accessible, more fun, more diverse, more open! Combining physical
with virtual data is the key towards that direction.