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18 months

  • We're respected and recognised as having introduced an innovative way of learning the craft of web development.
  • "Alumni" and employers are referring to Webcraft skill competencies and Hacker attitudes by name in their CVs and job descriptions.
  • Large and small organisations are recruiting P2PU Webcraft members through our job boards and recognise the certificates of members as robust and authoratative credentials of skills, attitudes and knowledge.
  • We have between 150 and 200 "home-brewed courses" running in every round, and we continue to receive offers of more courses every month.
  • Course participants are remaining in the community and are returning to organise or participate in courses on average every 6 months.
  • Competency maps, course documentation and the learning environment continue to be maintained and improved by the community.
  • The P2PU Webcraft community has over 10000 members and continues to have strong links with the W3C, Web Standards Project and major open source projects.
  • The School of Webcraft is global - we have participants from all around the world and courses in many languages.
  • Brazil, South Africa and the subcontinent are the strongest participating regions outside of North America and Europe.

End of 2010

  • We're getting ready for the January 2011 round of courses. 25 organisers have volunteered their expertise and time to run courses.
  • Course ideas have been mapped to existing competencies as part of an improved proposal process.
  • We're introducing two extra Hacker Attitudes for peer assessment by course participants. We've received great feedback for the "Responds to Questions Effectively" attitude that we trialled in September.
  • Applications by course participants have just closed and we have over 1000 applicants expected to start in January.
  • Evaluations by both organisers and participants for the September round of courses have been reviewed and we've improved the application process for organisers and participants and added features to the P2PU site.
  • The Brazil Drumbeat team has introduced local course organisers and participants to the community. We have two courses offered in Portuguese and the P2PU site is beginning to be localised.

September 2010

  • 12 courses have started with over 300 people participating in English, Portuguese and German.
  • Courses teach both beginner and advanced core competencies and there are some more experimental courses that are already receiving great feedback from experts wanting to refine their existing skills.
  • The competency map is growing and includes both skills that are already being taught and those which we wish to support in future courses.
  • We've started to trial the assessment and measurement of "Hacker Attitudes" by rewarding how well participants respond to questions.  The concept of Hacker Attitudes has been well received by both industry and the first round of participants.
  • The project has been featured on notable technology, design and lifestyle blogs.
  • 5 courses have already been committed to by organisers for January 2011.

What we've already accomplished so far

  • 5 courses have been proposed and commited to from within the Drumbeat and P2PU Webcraft community. 
  • Within an hour of the public call for proposals being released we'd already received 1 proposal.