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School of Webcraft - Weekly Community Call: August 5th 2010

Call Details

We have a weekly community call scheduled for Thursdays at 11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific

Canada +1 416 848 3114 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#

US or Intl. +1 650 903 0800 Ext. 92 Conference number 7600#

US Toll-Free +1 800 707 2533 PW 369 Conference number 7600#

join #education on irc.mozilla.org for backchannel chat.

Agenda items

  • Webcraft appearance in P2PU.org - how to differentiate [Pippa]
    • School of Webcraft title discussion (not crucial - if we have time) [Philipp]
  • Technology planning [Philipp]
    • Assessment technical implementation [Philipp/Pippa?/Ahrash?]
    • Second Hacker Attribute - Community Building [Ahrash]
  • what is success for September (participant count etc) [Pippa]
  • Events
    • Drumbeat NYC - John - Sat 8 August / drumbeat.org
    • Drumbeat Copenhagen - Pippa - 20 August / drumbeat.org

Who's on the call

  • Pippa
  • Ahrash
  • Philipp
  • Ameet (sp? sorry)
  • Xandr
  • Equbay
  • Alex
  • John


Pippa, Philipp and the ether are taking notes


Webcraft appearance within P2PU.org

  • Top Navigation bar? SoW box - similar to About Us box.
    • Different colors.
      • Blue of logo has been sent to Charlie (p2pu dev)
  • p2pu.org/webcraft (subdomaining has search engine implications as well)
  • Font styling - should we use the Mozilla font for styling?
  • Mozilla branding for each course
  • eg. Web 200 (has a webcraft/mozilla brand + Portuguese icon)
    • Mozilla logo? within P2PU
      • [Philipp] Clarify naming and branding issues with P2PU community (and Mark)
      • [Pippa] Reach out to Creative Collective to come up with joint logo / http://creative.mozilla.org/

School of Webcraft title

  • Mozilla as webdev training community
    • learning opportunities
    • primary player in 5 years
    • name to be locked down [Philipp to confirm]

Technical Planning

  • Informal so far
  • Paul Osman
    • lead developer on Batacuda (new drumbeat system)
    • P2PU overlap
  • Drupal v Batacuda v other tech
    • should list requirements before identifying tech
    • Xandr: drupal (probably) not the way to go
    • Xandr to try and identify a few people to pull into this conversation
    • Ryan Doherty (spelling?)
    • MoCo web dev
    • Alex: Important to keep backend dev as open and transparent as possible
    • Major advantage of Drupal is that it draws on open community
  • Important to make site code available to other developers
    • Setting up dev server and anonymised database content / basic process and anonymized database now exist - still pretty rough (http://tracker.p2pu.org/website/node/196)
    • Alex: should process development as a case study for SoW students
  • Alex: Also worthwhile (but a lot of work) to document the "process" by which the new system is created

Assessment technical implementation [Ahrash]

    • less objectively measured
    • many ways of measuring
    • many types of being
    • participants could pick certain attributes
    • or do looser measures
    • eg. opinion polls at end of course
  • At this point tech not fixed - so we are playing around a bit - important to remind users of this as well.
    • Focus on aspect of the assessment models / metrics that are tech-light, but idea/concept heavy
    • Might have to do with some manual metrics, and less automated metrics
    • leverage the peers - actual people!
      • to encourage: measuring and evaluating soft skills is of equal importance
  • Philipp: important to have both technical metric based measurement as well as socially sourced feedback.
  • Ahrash: if community builder is high level moniker with many flavours
  • identify subset of main behaviours
  • Use community evaluation to help us refine definition of community builders. If someone gets high peer score, we could investigate how they behave in the course (frequency of posting, etc.) and correlate it.
  • We should do this for both, community builder and ability to answer question
    • great research paper for both online education and other academic fields
  • equbay: can be used for other fields eg management
  • Ahrash: we have a nice group to do the research in and resources to do the development within SoW. able to move to other fields
  • Equbay: should we be specifically teaching these soft skills within courses?

What is success in September [Pippa]

  • Courses:
    • 12-15 courses realistic for Sep
    • Goal: Roughly 10 (-15?) people per course / about 100 - 150
    • What happens if we have more applications?
      • Up to the course organizers - Yes!
      • Course organizers specifies target size, but then are free to change their mind - accept 3 people, or 10 or anybody who applied
    • How many applicants do we expect?
      • Need a backup plan to incubate applicants we can't accept
      • [Philipp to speak with Alison] Add something about "superlurkers" to orientation
    • Mailing list for participants for future rounds?
      • 180 people signed up to the webcraft list already
      • 40-60% of participants join the community afterwards? (This is probably too low)
    • Course evaluation
      • Both so track participation, expectations, pre/post
      • Add questions to the existing post course survey for next round
      • Find someone to work on evaluation
        • existing survey for p2pu
    • 180 people already signed up
      • Philipp: be careful that we don't get expectations set beyond what we can achieve.
      • careful communication around sign up for courses.
      • clear wording on what we are offering / community
      • Philipp: fine line between acceptance and non-acceptance
        • still see communications
        • can view live feed
        • superlurking badge?

January 2011

  • Timing of calls?
    • Jetpack for learning - model for organising over Holidays / NY / Summer in The South
    • Call for courses and orientation before christmas
    • courses to start January 10