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SOCIAL ROADMAP (versions are referred to Website ones)

0.7 Social Media steps

ships april 19


  • point out the styleguide for social profiles (with Dharmishta)
    • storytelling profile pictures (with Dharmishta + Matthew)
      • Iteration 1
      • facebook Facebook v01.jpg
      • twitter Twitter bg v01.jpg
    • color and background styleguide (with Ned?)

Socialmedia setup

This phase consists of building up and register all socialmedia profiles about Drumbeat. Right after that we're going to link'em all like in slide 12 of the [presentation http://bit.ly/socdrm].

  • Twitter
    • Finalize Twitter account name: (mozdrumbeat vs. mozilladrumbeat)
    • profile graphic customization
    • profile copy
      • Link twitter & status.net services (mozilla.status.net and the rest)
      • Communicate hashtag convention "#mozilla" "#drumbeat" (if there's enough space in the tweet, otherwise only #drumbeat is used)
      • Establish hashtag for all featured projects (co-ordinate w. Dharmishta)
    • RSS 2 Socialsphere
      • planet
      • project feeds
  • Fanpage
    • customized copy and descriptions
    • Integrate twitter & flickr, etc.
    • Preferred fan pages
      • Mozilla Project
      • Drumbeat Project (if exists)
    • Landing box brainstorm
  • Flickr
    • customize copy and profile picture
    • tagging relevant picture with tag convention
    • creating proper Drumbeat set for general topics to be loaded into the pages.
    • creating proper Drumbeat set for Events
    • Add Flickr presence to planet drumbeat blog
    • Create "events" feed for events page
    • posting pictures on Flickr "official" account
    • tagging convention for Flickr: mozilla drumbeat

Flickr feeds:

  • Flickr firehose (booker's code)
  • Flickr favorite feed
  • Flickr events
  • Flickr projects

Individual open web news items (i <3 openweb is a good start)

  • Google Reader
  • Drupal aggregator


  • @Drumbeat inquiry to get the username
  • Look for Google Reader open alternative
  • Drupal aggregation, followers, sharing content
  • Need to receive RSS Feeds in some smart formats (i.e. OPML), and for those who has it, to be followed and into Google Reader Drumbeat account.
  • Need to receive a list of "trend setters" aka users, influent people on open web, and influent sources about openness in general. Would be better if connected with creativity.

0.8 Social Media steps

ships april 26

  • Fanpage
    • wireframing and iteration for landing box for fan page
      • newsletter subscription
      • following on twitter
      • copy
    • landing box design
  • Twitter (Status.net)
    • twitpic and picture service
    • mobile policy and conferences tagging
    • [visible tweets http://visibletweets.com/] use or alternatives
    • lists creation policy (API limits)
    • group creation policy on status.net
  • YouTube
    • profile customization and description
    • tagging and marking as favorite relevant videos
    • creating proper Drumbeat playlist of relevant videos
    • preferring policy
  • SlideShare
    • profile customization and description
    • mark as favorite relevant presentations on slideshare
  • LinkedIN
    • connect with Drumbeat relevant users and
    • subscribe Drumbeat group

0.9 Social Media steps

May 7


Rewriting the survey in a more affordable way for people so it's not that overwhelming (probably will need help here). Then will submit it to the group so that users can more easily fill this up.

Finalizing the profiles

  • Facebook
    • customized landing box and content pulling by rss feeds
    • spotlight policy of contents into the landing box
    • TBD
  • Twitter
    • contest brainstorm for beta launch
    • retweeting policy brainstorm
  • Website integration
    • Flickr picture publishing and taxonomy terms mapping
    • Project submission and social profile integration
    • TBD

Policy & process