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Cari A. -- I’m interested in: helping with your drumbeat project. As the mother of a hard of hearing daughter I think this is an amazing undertaking. I have a little bit of programing skills, and a whole lot of internet skills. Let me know what I can do to help!!

INDERPREET S. -- This is such a good project that being a computer engineering diploma student and also knowing two indian languages Hindi and Punjabi well i cant ignore the project. I want to work on this project and help it making successful. Thanx nicholas for initiating this project m really intrested in becoming a part of it as i know it's going to become the most popular thing on the internet soon.

Emilio A. -- I'm interested in helping out to add subtitles to videos and allowing people more access to information that has been unfortunately beyond their means to this day on a medium (internet) that should be easily and readily accessible by anyone.

Gustavo N. -- Hi there! My name is Gustavo Neves, I am from Brazil, but I live in Brisbane, Australia, where I am a full-time student of Bachelor of Information Technology. I really liked this project and would like to help on it. I have some experience with video editing and subtitling. I have also helped some japanese animé fansubs, as we did not have those animes in Brazil available. But nowadays I dedicate most of my time to programming and systems development. I wouldn't mind to help you guys on anything you may be short (even beta testing for example). Hope to hear from you, Kind regards, Gustavo

Aaron C. -- I’m interested in: Helping with the universal subtitles project. This is a great idea! I can speak English, French, and Japanese. Let me know what can be done

Tanner P. -- I’m interested in: in any part of this project Im getting into programing and HTML coding and i love learning new skills to better myself . im well versed in .net also

Evonne_C. -- I’m interested in: Hi, I don't have any talent in computer. I'm just a common people who can speak Mandarin, kantonis, English, Malay, and little Japanese. And maybe very little Spanish. Is there anything else I can help?

Parag G. -- I’m interested in: To help in Analysis work on Project Needs and Features

Mirza Syahmi R. -- I’m interested in: Helping you guys to succeed in this project. I'm 13 this year and really want to try something new

Heidi F. -- I’m interested in: joining the team for universal subtitles.

M MANI M. -- I’m interested in: helping in ur project

Brittany -- I’m interested in: Well, I'm interested in helping out. I'm interested in making a difference.

Anne -- I’m interested in: doing captions in English for the Deaf.

Katayoon T. -- I’m interested in: become member of universal Subtitles

sanyog -- I’m interested in: Universal Subtitles is amazing thanks for making

faezil -- I’m interested in: sport such as billiard, tennis, soccer.

Glenn -- I’m interested in: Hello! I want to contribute to this project by getting more and more people to join mozzila to help Nicholas Reville in this new project.

Padam -- I’m interested in: Programming

Amit -- I’m interested in: Hi, I would love to contribute in this project. Please let me help in this great initiative.

Alex N. -- I’m interested in: Translating video to English.

Tahil S. -- I’m interested in: Helping to translate videos to certain languages. I currently know how to speak Hindi, Spanish and Punjabi and will be learning Japanese and Arabic! I would appreciate volunteering for translating videos and writing out their subtitles!

Edoardo P. -- Hello, would be happy to help you out with alpha/beta testing if you need it.

Merrijo -- I’m interested in: Hi. I am interested in this project. I am not sure what I could do but it sounds like something that the world should be aware of and have access to.

dd -- I’m interested in: drumbeat make a video

Josh G. -- I’m interested in: I wanna help my GF is partial deaf and subtitles are hard to come by

Ansa N. -- I’m interested in: any way the help if needed. I'd love to participate in this!

Laurie S. -- I’m interested in: Weather, nature, biographies, autobiographies, spiritualism, speech pathology, audiology, children with special needs.

Andrew L. -- I’m interested in: Game shows Nickelodeon TV shows Classic cartoons MythBusters

Sofia Gutkin -- I’m interested in: Translating Russian -> English

rohan -- I’m interested in: helping out.i can make subtitles for videos

mallia93 -- I’m interested in: I'm interested in translating videos.

FlameEmber -- I’m interested in: translating videos in Mandarin Chinese to English.

salah286 -- I’m interested in: subtitles from english language to arabic language

WildHeart -- I’m interested in: Assisting in this project to the provide assistance to those who are incapable of hearing and to better humanity as a whole

Nick B. -- I’m interested in: I'd like to help with translations or however else I could.

Navin -- regarding the Privacy Icons project: Hi , I am interested in the project can u guys give me some details what i need to do

John -- I’m interested in: Helping subtitle christian videos that glorify Jesus Christ

camsmith89 -- I’m interested in: helping to subtitle.

codef0rmer -- I’m interested in: order to support Drumbeat in any way.

Monika Rola -- I’m interested in: helping to provide Polish and English subtitles. I'm a native Polish speaker and have lived in Canada for 20 years, working as a professional communicator and writer. I'd love to help!

Usman Tariq -- I’m interested in: I m interested in making subtitles in urdu.