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  • Ned has enough to go on for now
  • Matt to include some of David's suggested front page copy tweaks
  • Look for ways to add more participatory element to two headlines

ABOUT page

Mozilla Drumbeat is a global community of people making the internet better. More open. More participatory. More decentralized. More generative. This is the web we want. It's the web we're building.

What is Mozilla Drumbeat?

The Drumbeat community is filled with people who are *doing* things to make the internet better. They may be:

  • Using open source and cheap hardware to create 'village telcos' in Africa
  • Inventing a visual language to make it easy for people to understand online privacy
  • Running a campaign to promote open web standards by eliminating IE6
  • Dreaming up new business models that bring fairness and openness to the mobile web
  • Simply explaining what a 'better internet' looks like to their class, their friends, their neighbors

Drumbeat helps people like these succeed. The annual Drumbeat Festival showcases their work and connects them to each other. The Drumbeat website and local events give them a place to propose ideas, and to attract contributors and supporters who want to help. Drumbeat also raises funds to invest in promising ideas and projects.


* Include some kind of Mozilla Drumbeat "birds-eye view" graphic? Not so much at the level of Drumbeat machinery or programmatic elements. But more from the level of overall logic and story.

What do we mean by a 'better Internet'?

The Internet has become our global commons: a critical public resource that more than a billion people use every day to learn, innovate, trade, befriend and play.

We believe there are four key characteristics upon which this commons is built:

  • Open. Built on technologies that anyone can study, use or improve without permission.
  • Participatory. Fueled by the ideas and energy of 100s of millions of people.
  • Decentralized In both architecture and control, ensuring continued choice and diversity.
  • Generative. Evolving and improving as we each remix existing parts of the internet into something that is our own.

By explaining, protecting and building things around these characteristics, we create a better internet. We make it richer and more resilient. This is what the Mozilla Drumbeat community is doing.


Link: What do we mean by a "better" web?
NED: Could use "the Mona Lisa with a mustache graphic" here as well

Also include small video embed: "Open Internet" by Jesse Dylan

So what? Isn't the internet already great?

Yes, the internet is already great. But the open, participatory nature of the internet faces renewed challenges as it grows and impacts more aspects of our lives.

Current examples: control over our digital identities and data centralization; internet providers are threatening 'net neutrality' and the growing mobile internet is far less open than the one on our desktop. And, simply explaining 'better internet' is a challenge: few people take the time to consider how important and fragile the internet commons is. They simply take it for granted, like air.

How do we ensure the internet remains open and participatory 100 years from now? By continuing to invent, innovate and educate using the four 'better internet' characteristics above. That's what Drumbeat is about.


  • Include a simulated tag cloud of the kinds of themes / topics Drumbeat works on. As a way to give a telegraphic snapshot of the kinds of topics Drumbeat is working on.


INSIDE THE "FESTIVAL BOX:" The Mozilla Drumbeat Festival will gather the world's most inspiring people and ideas to shape the future of the open Internet. This is an invitation for anyone anywhere working to help build a better web -- to showcase your idea, get support, and join the drum circle of thought leaders, problem solvers and innovators from around the globe.

Headline: Replace "Get Involved" with "Join the Drum Circle" Sample ideas and nominees for the 2010 Drumbeat Festival. Submit your own idea or challenge. Nominate yourself or someone else to attend. Or join the drum circle happening online now.

Other notes & changes:

Drumbeat Festival feature box at top

  • add drop shadow to make edge a little cleaner?
  • don't set "Drumbeat Festival Amsterdam June 10 2010" all in same size and style type. Maybe decrease "Amsterdam" and date size, and put on the same single line to increase room for the copy below it.
  • increase size of body copy there to increase legibility.
  • make it read "June 10, 2010" (lose the "th")

Call to action elements

  • Change to:
  • Propose

a challenge, idea or talk for the festival

  • Nominate

yourself or someone else to attend

  • Sign up

for updates and information on local events

  • Think about including a big drumstick with these participation elements (only if it's not too time-consuming, and you can find the right kind...)

Like the kind pictured here: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-5056657-drum-and-hand-1.php


  • Change David Byrne to Johnathan Zittrain



  • Add little icons to signify global participation. Could be little Mozilla Drumbeat logo drums.
  • For roll-over highlighted text, use:

Gilberto Gil image here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilberto_Gil put him in Brazil

Text: "Gilberto Gil, Musician, former Minister of Culture, Creative Commons & digital opportunity evangelist"

Who else is coming?

Use these, with real photos:

Tim Berners Lee Inventor of the World Wide Web

Max Weinstein StopBadware.org photo is here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=1470

Nixie Pixel (aka Christina Hart) Vlogger & open software evangelist http://www.nixiepixel.com/blog/ http://www.youtube.com/user/NixiePixel#p/u/4/27AGe1b0mnI

JENNIFER STODDART, Canadian privacy czar who got Facebook to improve their terms of service js_photo2.jpg

Marcelo Branco, Campus Party, open source campus meetups & FISL, International Free Software Forum Marcelo_Branco.JPG

JULIUS GENACHOWSKI, FCC chair who set out principles for an open internet

Festival v5.png

Previous draft copy:

The Mozilla Drumbeat Festival is...

...a global gathering of the most interesting people and ideas in the digital world

...a global idea swap, un-conference and hackfest for thought leaders, social entrepreneurs and innovation ninjas working to make the open Internet better.

...a global mosaic or drum circle of people positively shaping the future of the open web.

Drumbeat is all about finding, energizing and building a community of people working with technology to build participation, understanding and control into Internet life -- using many of the components we’re familiar with at Mozilla: a massive online presence, work done in the open, smart crowdsourcing and open innovation, and lots of local and regional communities and gatherings.

The Drumbeat Festival will gather and connect community leaders to discuss the big Internet issues. And to showcase and celebrate great work people are doing to improve the open web.

We’re looking for a few great ideas to make the Internet better. Got one? Join the drum circle now.


Primary Elements:

1) "Story card"

    • Headline
    • One-paragraph explanation (more detailed than front page feature box)
    • Graphic

2) Participate box

    • Top 3 - 5 things we want people to do on that challenge
    • Will vary by story. Participation asks will differ.
    • Should also include prominent and somewhat separate: "Vote to send this challenge / person to Drumbeat festival?"

3) "Person" box

    • IF THERE IS ONE. Some won't have this.
    • Baseball card of person associated with the idea
    • Includes more detail and ways to connect than front page featured person (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Secondary Elements:

  • Elements that further flesh out the idea and make participation easier
  • Show that this is primarily about pulling together / aggregating EXISTING assets, third-party tools, social networking, etc. -- rather than Drumbeat re-inventing the wheel

Could include:

  • Blog posts. That help flesh out / articulate the challenge or idea
    • Probably from third party / external sources -- not internal "Drumbeat" posts
  • Videos. From You Tube, blip, vimeo, etc.
  • Slide decks. From slideshare, etc.
  • Image gallery. Probably Flickr. Show napkin diagrams, existing design submissions, etc.
  • Twitter streams. The story may have its own hash tag.
  • Links. Delicious or included as fields.
  • Comment stream. Drumbeat community commenting / collaborating, etc.
  • Thermometer. Or some other visual measure of progress.

Privacy icon challenge

Matt will tackle this one -- working on wireframe & copy now

Steve Song & Fair Mobile Index

[To come from David & Mark]

Headline: Make the mobile web as cool as the everyday web.

Objective: Ensure that the value of “openness” are imbued into the mobile web.

Strategy: Shine a light to celebrate openness and highlight bad behviours in the marketplace by creating a “BigMac” index for mobile openness, access and cost.

Program Outline:

1. A design competition to assess what the metrics by which to measure mobile web cost, access and openness by country (by company?)

2. Pick a “winning” metric system

3. Crowdsource data gathering of metrics

4. A design competition to best assess how to display the “fair mobile index”

Short one-paragraph description:

Potential images / graphic elements:

Mozilla Talks Challenge

[To come from David?]

Headline: MozTalks! How the web gets better...

What: You, delivering 5 minutes of pure passion where you outline an idea or challenge that can help make the internet better and more open.

Why: Mozilla has made the web more open and better by developing superior web software that gives users control. Now we want to take this quest to the next level: We want to hear your ideas for how the value of “openness” is imbued into the future of the web.

When: Anywhere. Anytime. Give your talk at a barcamp, TEDx, at home, at work. Just make sure you record it and upload it to the Mozilla Drumbeat website. We want to share your story and idea with the world.

What’s in it for you?: Fame, glory, free trips and swag. The top presentations – as selected by both the drumbeat community and our panel of celebrity web judges – will be flown to the June 2010 Mozilla Drumbeat Open Web Conference in Amsterdam to deliver their presentation before a live global audience.

What’s in it for us?: We’ve always believed in, and relied on, the ability of the Mozilla community to solve any problem so we are once again turning to you for the great ideas and key challenges we need to rally around to keep the internet open.

Some Guidelines:

1. Relate to Mozilla’s values:

• Open: Built on technologies that anyone can study, use or improve without asking permission.

• Participatory: Fueled by the ideas and energy of 100s of millions of people.

• Decentralized: In both architecture and control, ensuring continued choice and diversity.

• Generative: Evolving and improving as we each remix existing parts of the internet into something that is our own.

2. Put on a show: Give us theater and drama, show us your passion and your dreams... Inspire us, but remember, be yourself.

3. Keep it simple. Don’t give us complex code and a technical specifications. Share your vision, paint a picture, keep it real and be specific.

4. Keep it to 5 minutes. We’ve got rules. Or guidelines.

Potential images / graphic elements:

Johnathan Zittrain blog cache-ing anti-censorship tool


Data visualization challenge: What does a better web look like?


8 - 10 short people / idea examples on Wiki

  • JetPack for Learning

Already done -- just needs to be copy-pasted