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What is Drumbeat?
Mozilla’s Drumbeat initiative facilitates a better, more open internet by creating community around the world. It's a launch-pad and a playground – an open web hub that sits at the intersection of community, resources and funding. It's for teachers, artists, lawyers, librarians, everyday internet users and of course nerds, geeks, hackers and developers: it's for everyone who *uses* web technology. Drumbeat is an invitation to understand, participate and take control of your online life. It's your site. Use it!

Who is Drumbeat for?
Drumbeat is for anyone who wants to lend their skills and creativity to the cause of keeping the internet open. Doctors. Filmmakers. Accountants. Students. Activists. Plumbers. Web developers. Anyone who uses – and cares about – the open internet. This is an invitation for web users who are, and aren't the traditional contributors to the Mozilla projects. We believe that *all* everyday internet users have ideas and energy that can help make the web better.
At a practical level, Drumbeat community members use web technology to make things that improve and protect the open internet. They run or attend local events where people propose and work on these practical projects. They encourage others to get involved. They facilitate the open web in small, and large ways.
If this sounds like you, join the community, propose a project or attend a local event. Help keep the web open starting now, for the next 100 years.
Why is Mozilla doing this?
Mozilla has a clear mission: to guard the open nature of the internet. The software created by Mozilla's developer community takes us a long way towards this mission – promoting openness, innovation and online participation at a massive scale. We believe everyday internet users also have a role to play in keeping the web open, especially over the long haul. This is the role of Drumbeat.

What do you mean by a "better Internet?"
The Internet is increasingly becoming our global commons: a critical public resource over a billion people use every day to learn, innovate, trade, befriend and play.
A closed internet slows down innovation and commerce, and stifles collaboration--it is walled gardens, roadblocks, and gatekeepers. These constrictions often prevent distribution, pooled resources and emergent processes. By keeping the web open we allow a more fair marketplace.

  • Evolving and improving as we each remix existing parts of the Internet into something that is our own.
  • Decentralized in both architecture and control, ensuring continued choice and diversity.
  • Built on transparent technologies that anyone can study, use or improve.
  • Fueled by participation, in ideas, energy or media from more than a billion Internet users.
By explaining, protecting and building things around the characteristics of the open Web, Drumbeat can create a better Internet, an Internet that is even richer and more resilient.

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Building a better web

We're a global community of webmakers and innovators, building the Internet's future through your project ideas and open collaboration.

Mozilla Drumbeat Projects:

  • Make the web better. More innovative. More open. More awesome.
  • Use open-source DNA and know-how. Working out in the open together.
  • Are all about making and building. We don't just talk about ideas. With your help, we build them.

About Projects

About Mozilla Drumbeat Projects

Got an idea that will make the open web better? Looking for collaborators, supporters, feedback, publicity and maybe even a little seed funding? Mozilla Drumbeat is the place for you! Click here to create your Drumbeat project.

What makes a good Drumbeat project?

The Drumbeat website provides a home for practical projects that:

  • Have 'maker' attitude -- they are about building, creating and tinkering with things that make the web better.
  • Invite new people to contribute to Mozilla -- teachers, artists, lawyers, everyday internet users lend their skills and creativity to the open web cause.
  • Make the web better in some concrete way. A more open web should be a direct objective of your project, not a side effect.

If you've got an idea that matches these criteria, you've got a good Drumbeat project. Click here to create a project.

How does it all work?

Projects on the Drumbeat site move up a ladder, with the most promising projects receiving the most support and resources. There are three steps on the ladder.

1. Emerging

  • Project 'hub' page on the Mozilla Drumbeat web site
  • Ability to recruit contributors, gather 'votes' and promote your project
  • Can also serve as simple project workspace if you don't have your own
  • Project will occasionally rotate onto drumbeat.org front page
  • Could be dozens or hundreds of emerging projects at one time

2. Featured

  • Projects that gain traction with the Drumbeat community move to 'featured' status
  • Featured projects = high profile rotating profile at top of front page
  • Also, project strategy advice and profiles in Drumbeat e-newsletters
  • Traction = votes, contributors, traffic and other metrics tracked on the Drumbeat site
  • Approx 10 - 15 featured projects at any one time

3. Supported

  • A small handful of promising projects become 'supported by Drumbeat'
  • Supported projects = up to $25k in seed funds plus ability to fundraise via drumbeat.org
  • Also visbility on other Mozilla sites plus email promotion campaigns
  • Dedicated support from a Mozilla Drumbeat 'project producer'
  • Supported projects are selected from the 'featured' pool by community reviewers
  • Up to five supported projects per year

When you create a project profile -- and complete all of the information -- you automatically become an 'emerging project'. Metric tracking starts at this point.
More questions? Join us in the Drumbeat community discussion forum. There are many people there who can help you out.


Building the open web. Together.

We're a community of makers, leaders and innovation ninjas collaborating on projects that make the web better. Join Drumbeat and create your own profile to:

  1. Start working on Drumbeat projects
  2. Submit your own project idea
  3. Connect with other members and promote your work

Get Involved

Create your own profile and get your hands dirty now!

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