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Strategy & Editorial vision

  • Emphasize Featured Projects vs. "Drumbeat" itself
  • Make the projects the story -- more than Drumbeat being the story

Featured Projects for Storytelling / Blog

  • Simple privacy icon design challenge. Engaging design, law students and regular web users to accelerate the development of icons that make privacy policies easier to understand. initiated by Mozilla.
    • GINA?
  • Drumbeat Presentation Challenge. Give a 5 minute talk on one of two topics -- Your Open Web Idea or the Ultimate Open Web Presentation -- and then upload to the Drumbeat website. This is a project in its own right, and also way to get people and ideas into Drumbeat early on. initiated by Mozilla
  • Keep It Open TechTalk An ignite style presentation in which a challenge to the open internet or an idea on how to make the internet more open is shared. These presentations serve as an important feeder for Drumbeat Challenges around which the community can organize and take action.
  • ‘Visualizing the open internet’ challenge. Engaging artists and web developers to create data visualizations that 'show what the internet looks like' using new open web technologies (e.g. processing.js)
    • MATT
  • ‘Fair Mobile’ index, like the Economist's 'Big Mac Index' comparing purchasing power, but focused on comparing mobile markets for fairness and openness
  • stopbadware.org, community organization and website focused on stopping malware and viruses
  • Blog widget that routes around censorship, Zittrain's idea to enable people to crowdsource cache censored content
  • ‘Open Video in 60 seconds’, contest getting people to create videos that demonstrate the creative and technical potential of HTML5 video
  • One Web Day, annual event that gives people an opportunity to understand and participate in creating a more open internet
  • Kiss IE6 Goodbye, mobilize major sites to set a joint deadline to stop supporting IE6
  • P2P University and Open Web Tech: work with P2P university to run courses where people teach each other open web tech as an alternative or supplement to maintstream tech certification

Content Stream topics:

  • status updates, victories, milestones
  • tie-ins with current events
  • stories about the people of drumbeat
  • communicate the optimism, idealism, general cuddliness of the project (it's not too often that something full of pure goodness comes around - this project is one of them)
  • educating the public on issues
  • calls to action
  • fun stuff - photos from events, people doing silly things, gritty video, wide-eyed wonderment at the beauty and goodness of the world, stuff that makes people feel like they are observing the project in perso, communicating what is seen, heard, and felt throughout the process
  • narrative for hooking in traditional media (my goal is a New York Times Magazine cover story, or at least a 5000 word feature. The Economist would be cool too).
  • Video.

Content Stream Channels

  • blog (on Drumbeat)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Partner sites (lets list some)
  • etc. -- much more to be added here

Discussion notes

  • "People know Mozilla is a good brand because they learn by example."
    • So let's make those examples the Drumbeat brand, and tell the Drumbeat brand story by example.