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Your feedback on Drumbeat page designs

Please share your ideas and suggestions on the latest Drumbeat page designs here!

Feedback from Nov 9 Community Meeting

Strengthening connection between people & projects on front page

  • Changes to "featured person" space
    • Gina: in "featured person" space, instead of just saying they're "coming to the festival," add a project they're working on
    • e.g., In current "Amber Mac" space, change to: "Amber Back is working on a project to help girls get into tech for the Drumbeat Festival"
  • Could add small person profile pics next to "Project Ideas" on front page

Consider adding a "Drumbeat Blog"

  • Tell the Drumbeat story in a curated way, highlighting the best new projects and people, success stories, etc.
  • Provides a useful alternative to "about" for some visitors; many now click on blog to get a sense of what the overall project is about.
  • Also a strong potential traffic booster post-launch. Tie in events making news (e.g., a high-profile crack down on bloggers in China, or completion of new broadband cable installation in Africa, or high-profile privacy complaint or scandal) with Drumbeat people and projects.

Translation / internationalization

  • Consider the strategic implications of this pre- and post-January launch

Map designs back to Drumbeat strategic goals & metrics

  • Gillian: make sure the page designs adequately reflect the overall project goals and success metrics

Feedback from Jamey Boje:

  • i'm not feeling the header or wordmark (suggested improvements below)
  • the top fold on the page should have more information. its going to be a lot of scrolling to navigate around the site
  • for the most part the style and colors are coming around