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Online Donations

  • Online fundraising will be a key component for Drumbeat. All fundraising will flow through CiviCRM
  • We need the ability to fundraise directly for Mozilla, but also for specific individual community-led projects as well. Drumbeat may eventually function as a kind of "Kiva for the open web," making it easy to crowdsource volunteer help ~and~ financial help for a large number of individual projects.
  • Creation, customization and management of campaign specific pages for general drumbeat donations and peoject donations through Drupal.
  • Ability to pull donor lists for specific projects and use within CiviMail.

Questions for Discussion:

  • What specifically do we need done by launch? What can wait til post-launch?
  • Do we need a "Drumbeat-themed" page? Or use existing page?
  • How does workflow work for donating to specific individual projects? Is this a requirement for launch?