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Latest iteration


Previous iterations

Header9.png Header7N.png Drumbeat -- header -- 2.15.png Header3.png

Notes for next iteration

  • The #1 challenge we need to solve in the next iteration is:
    • make donate more prominent
  • Let's start by working with Chelsea to collect examples of sites that do this well.

Carlo Jan 8:

  • I would add a small horizontal divider between the logo wordmark and the tagline.

Even white space could work. I noticed that doing so it just highlights a bit the tagline itself and generally works better, to me.

Header11 bg.png

Ken Jan 6:

  • Not too sure about the old paper/document (?) look at the top of the page.
  • Perhaps it might look better if a drop shadow (box-shadow?) is added to it to give the appearance that the top bar content is underneath?

past notes & feedback