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  • Privacy Beat

Why do our digital rights fall among our civil rights

  • Short Description

The project shall form a working group to create a common platform for sharing of information concerning our digital rights and personal space in the Internet.

The point is the users to be informed of their digital rights, of what is happening with them in different countries, how the users can protect them from violation and to have answers to different questions.

On the other hand, the website must create a community around itself, which community should share information, help developing the idea and participate together with different NGOs in the process of law-making and other legislative changes in different countries, so the Internet could stay in a way that could help the Open Web.

  • How will your idea make the web better?

The Internet is an open system, unfortunately many people are trying to turn it into a closed one these days and they are succeeding step by step.

That is why this project will be something like a global monitoring system for what is going on in the Internet, it will create projects and it will inform the users in order to bring back the Internet's neutrality, where it had been lost, to protect the citizens form the different surveillance mechanisms through the Internet, where there are any, and to protect the freedom of speech.

This will be a small step to a better Internet from this point of view, as a basic component of the Open Web.

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Net neutrality, Digital Rights, Freedom of speech, Open Web

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Your Project Details

  • Participation. What do you need help with right now?

Establishment of a working group which should start working on the project with strategy and enough information.

A wiki will be created in the beginning and a competition should be organized for the scripts of a few videos, which should make the users stop and think about some basic issues such as personal space, violation of the Internet neutrality, the difference between "legal" and "illegal" Internet content and so on.

  • What kinds of helpers or volunteers do you need?

Designers and at least 1 representative of each country, willing to join the project. In a longer term: lawyers from different countries, lobbyists and volunteers, who would spare some of their time to protect their own rights.

  • Current challenges and questions

Perhaps the first part of the project is to make people think some more about their digital rights and this is the first challenge we should face.

  • Audience

The product's end user will be any citizen of the world, interested and made interested by us in his/her rights and in the way the INTERNET CHANGES OUR LIVES and that the Internet must be accessible to anyone.

  • Geography


  • Partners and collaborators

Digital rights NGO. Freedom of speech activists.

  • Tools and Platforms

MediaWiki, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, LinkedIn,Xing.

  • Budget & Fundraising

Donations, European funding programs