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The Ultimate Open Web Presentation

Project Headline

Explain the Open Web to your Parents

Short Description

One of the key challenges around the open web is that while many people use the internet, and like that notion that it is open, few people understand what the Open Web actually means. We are looking for dynamic and engaging presentations that explain what the open web means so that everyone, your mom, your dad, your colleagues, your friends, can understand what the open web is, and why it should matter to them.

How does this project make the web better?

Increasing awareness of why the open web is helps mobilize support to keep it open. The story of why the open web matters needs to penetrate a larger audience.

Some Tags

presentation, ignite, open-web

Participation Ask

Do a presentation!

You, delivering 5 minutes of pure passion in which you explain what the open web is and why it matters.

Give your talk at a local barcamp, TEDx, at home, at work. Just make sure you record it and post a link to the Mozilla Drumbeat website.

Mozilla wants to find talented communicators who help explain to the world why a better, more open internet matters.

What's in it for me?
All presentations will be featured on the Mozilla Drumbeat website and will be entered into a global competition for best presentation.
If your presentations is amongst the best globally, you'll also have a chance to participate in the Drumbeat Festival, tentatively scheduled for June 2010 in Amsterdam.


1. Ensure the Drumbeat Logo is on your cover slide

2. Ensure that you license your presentation as Creative Commons Attribution License

3. Some idea/themes about the open web to consider playing with:

  • Open: Built on technologies that anyone can study, use or improve without asking permission.
  • Participatory: Fueled by the ideas and energy of 100s of millions of people.
  • Decentralized: In both architecture and control, ensuring continued choice and diversity.
  • Generative: Evolving and improving as we each remix existing parts of the internet into something that is our own.

4. Put on a show: Give us theater and drama, show us your passion and your dreams... Inspire us, but remember, be yourself.

5. Keep it simple. Don’t give us complex code and a technical specifications. Remember, you are explaining the open web to a diverse and global audience.

6. Keep it to 5 minutes. That's that rules.

Looking for ideas on open web messaging? Check out the draft 'about' page on the Drumbeat wiki.

What kind of volunteers or helpers do we need?

  • Anyone who thinks they can communicate what the open web is and put it into a video or slidecast.


Youtube, your blog, slidecast, anywhere you can post slides with audio and link to it.

Goals, Metrics & Milestones

50 5 minute presentations


Anyone with a little creativity and an ability to deliver an important message.



Partners and Collaborators

Would be ideal if Mozilla could partner with O'Reilly around the Ignite talks, have the best ignite talks on the open web submitted.

Upcoming Events Where Presentations will be Taking Place

Old Text

The presentation challenge will use two formats:

1. Piggy-back presentations (present – April 2010):
Drumbeat Community members are encouraged to give a talk at a local barcamp, ignite, school or community event. It need not be a tech event. They then upload slides and a video of their talk to the internet, and submit links to the Drumbeat site.

2. Dedicated-events (late 2009 / early 2010):
An dedicated event or session is organized where 6 - 10 Drumbeat Challenge talks are given. These events are a contest in themselves -- one 'best of show' award is given for each category. Slides and videos are then uploaded and links provided to the Drumbeat site.

Once a presentation is uploaded, it will be entered into a contest for best presentation. People behind the most promising presentations will also have a chance to participate in the Drumbeat Festival, tentatively scheduled for June 2010 in Amsterdam.