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this is a brainstorm page for people and orgs who that exemplify who we want to engage during Drumbeat year one. please add as much as you can, and be sure to include links and a rationale.

[add your ideas here at the top]

Gilberto Gil - former Brazilian Ministry of Culture and musician started a initiative in the country aimed to implement 1,000 Cultural Points - community computer centers equipped with open source recording and video software and equipment that allows users to create and share their works on the Internet.

Ronaldo Lemos - heads the Center for Technology and Society at FGV Law School a think tank which researches a broad set of issues ranging from new business models for the cultural industry, open source and creative commons licensing, and others while defends internet freedom, privacy and network neutrality in Brazil.

Sergio Amadeu - former chairman of the National Institute for Information Technology in Brazil promoted open source software adoption in the federal government; mobilizes users to fight for Internet freedom, privacy and network neutrality in Brazilian Congress

Marcelo Branco - curates some of the largest open source conferences in Brazil ([FISL www.fisl.org.br] and [Campus Party www.campus-party.com.br]) attracting thousands of people to discuss and promote the open web; mobilizes people to fight for freedom on the Internet

Banco do Brasil - the second largest Brazilian Bank has deployed Firefox on all its 100,000 machines, improving the security of its network. (www.bb.com.br)

VJ Pixel - uses open video software and open standards to perform in parties and concerts and to promote open video throughout Brazil.

Anderson (Dando) - promotes Internet access and computer literacy in his community, one of the poorest and most violent shantytowns in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Felipe Gomes - develops gesture recognizing technology for Fennec improving open tools for the mobile market. Had his first contact with Mozilla technology in January 2008 and eight months later won a worldwide add-on competition promoted by Mozilla.

Ian Hayward Mozilla contributor, Co-Founder & CEO Appcoast.

Paul Booker Drupal / Open source Developer (Sponsored by Appcoast) Developed Mozillaca alongside Jamey Boje to actively encourage Mozilla to support the Open Web and find alternatives to using Twitter. Would like to see Drumbeat encourage Mozilla to adopt open social network alternatives to Facebook like Elgg . Recently we have put together ILoveTheOpenWeb.com to explore ideas for developing the drumbeat project on the Drupal platform. I would love to see Drumbeat / Mozilla embracing alternatives to the likes of Twitter, Facebook, .. etc where they exist.

Carsten Book "Tomcat -- Spreading Opensource Meetings more around Germany (established in Munich now and outreach to other cities is on the way) to connect more people from Opensource Projects on a local area and connect more interested people into opensource and the open web. Talks at Schools about the open web and Mozilla Mission and why its important to have a openweb etc ! Also connect this Students to work/improve the Web !

Steve Song -- Community Telco Open source 'village telco' & community wifi system for Africa

Johnathan Zittrain -- A blog plug-in that caches censored content, creating many google-able copies. Combined also with Herdict.

Designing data & identity icons challenge A challenge where we ask users to design a simple set of icons that make it easy to understand terms of service offered by web sites, and make smarter choices online.

Amber Mac / "geek girl" -- "Girls Go Geek" Encouraging girls to get into IT, code, hack, and celebrate their geek-ness.

Brian McConnel -- Making the web multilingual web Make the web multilingual and end the global language barrier by making WWL an embedded part of web infrastructure. www.worldwidelexicon.org/s/essay.html

Jennifer Stoddart, Cdn privacy czar Got Facebook to improve their terms of service.

Brett Gaylor, OpenSourceCinema.org Using mashups to showcase the awesomeness of open -- plus maybe a way to showcase the whole new creative mashup power of open video / HTML5.

Max Weinstein -- combatting malware finding ways for web users to combat malware (stopbadware.org)

Jesse Dylan -- "open Internet" video Could be an example of a "storytelling" design challenge.

Steve Schultze - focuses on using the Internet to gain free access to governmental and other traditionally hard to acquire information; actively works against efforts to suppress or overcharge for information that should be free

Peter Suber - advocate for open access to academic and scientific research

Zittrain and/or Laura Miyakawa - the Herdict project is about keeping the Internet open to expression by engaging a community to monitor filtering around the world

Ethan Zuckerman and/or Rebecca MacKinnon - the Global Voices project allows people in developing countries to share their experiences via blogging

Nicco Miele (currently at Kennedy School) - great experience in mobilizing online communities (see Howard Dean campaign)

Doc Searls - his work on Project VRM focuses on using technology to flip the dynamic of online business relationships so that customers have more power

Wendy Seltzer - interested in preventing the chilling effects that result from overaggressive takedown notices by copyright holders

David Ardia - heads the Citizen Media Law Project and the Online Media Law Network, which look to support citizen journalism/media