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Our overall 2010 goal for Drumbeat is simple: Introduce Drumbeat to the world. Build compelling projects and vibrant community. We'll move towards this goal by:

  • Objective #1: Finding and setting up projects that excite us. Mostly from people we don't know yet. (emerging projects)
    • Start with a set of inspiring "bootstrap" projects that show what we mean & deliver early impact.
    • Use those sample projects to help get great new projects into longer term project pipeline.
  • Objective #2: Establishing Drumbeat events as places where the future of the internet is being invented
    • Launch the 2010 Mozilla Drumbeat Festival to celebrate successes, sprint on projects & invent the internet's future.
    • Use local events to identify local leaders and projects to feed into the Drumbeat project pipeline.
  • Objective #3: Building and evolving a flexible online platform to support Drumbeat projects and events. (mockups)
    • Provide an online home and workspace for Drumbeat projects to recruit helpers and drive participation.
    • Drive compelling stories about Drumbeat projects across a broad range of social media and partner sites

This is a high level overview of objectives for Drumbeat in 2010. See also the 2010 roadmap on how this is happening.