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dweb is an abbreviation meaning decentralized/decentralised or distributed web, both an explicit use of the existing web in a decentralized manner as originally intended (such as the IndieWeb community / protocols / projects), and also encompassing new decentralized web approaches such as replacements for HTTP and DNS.

Summary: Mozilla has been actively participating in and supporting decentralized web approaches in several ways:


Mozilla has been actively organizing, supporting, and participating in several decentralized web related events, spaces, and meetups:


Our annual MozFest event has historically had a number of sessions (and sometimes whole spaces) about decentralized web technologies and discussions:

Previous MozFest related sessions & spaces:

See Category:Mozilla Festival for more.

Decentralized Web Summit

2018 Decentralized Web Summit talks and workshops:

2016 Decentralized Web Summit:

IndieWeb Community Events

Pre-pandemic (until March of 2020), Mozilla (and other hosts) organized in-person biweekly Homebrew Website Club (HWC) meetups where we discussed all things independent / open / decentralized web. These have transitioned to online, community volunteer organized events:

We also hosted (along with others) and participated in in-person weekend maker/creative/hacking events called IndieWebCamps, which have also transitioned to online, community volunteer organized events:

Mozilla Blogs

Mozilla Blogs sometimes post about decentralized web topics:

Hacks Blog

The Mozilla Hacks Blog: dweb series explored a number of decentralized web technologies, standards, and approaches, written by a number of authors:

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