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e10s Weekly Update: Dec 22

Why yellow? e10s is designated 'yellow' or 'at risk' because:

  1. We are getting closer with our Plan of Record, but we're not quite there, yet.
  2. Although the team is working at a high velocity, we are not at zero M8's and we need to be by the first 2 weeks of Aurora which is Dec 28th. We don't want to take uplifts after that. There are enough M8's in flight to put this goal at risk but the team is super focused and we still have a fighting chance. See M8 Tracker.

Decision Re-Made: We have decided that we will NOT lock APZ and e10s. Product has deemed that scrolling performance for APZ isn't really affected by e10s: bug 1178298. APZ is 'At Risk' for Firefox 45 and go/no-go for each will be de-coupled.

Here are the documents being worked on for the POR:

Validation for Stability and Performance

Add-Ons + WebExtensions

  • Add-Ons 'Office Hours' to help developers with real-time support is ongoing: http://atsay.github.io/e10s_office_hours/
  • We need to make progress on creating a black list for incompatible add-ons bug 1233455. Next steps include working with add-ons team to identify a DRI + connecting them telemetry data to get started.
    • Source truth for add-ons for priority and status on compatibility can be found, here.
    • We will NOT block on slow add-on watcher for any GA plans.
    • 'We will NOT block on WebExtensions for any GA plans
    • We DO need to figure out what the product requirements are, if any for UX relating to Add-ons in an e10s world in general. This also coincides with the Shield project. UX, and Perf are engaged and we're starting conversations about user interaction and API readiness.

Automated tests

  • We're primarily missing 3 suites on Windows: mochitest-plain, reftest, and crashtest. Work needs to be done to green up each of these suites, so capacity issues are not currently the blocker.
  • A-Team is currently working on disabling enough tests on mochitest-plain to get them enabled, but there is a shutdown leak on debug which is difficult to trace to a particular test. We may get those running by the end of the year, leaving only crashtests and reftests.
  • Felipe is jumping in to help Blake, jgriffin, and Jim green up tests:



    • Wiki to track work is, here.
    • Decision made to not block going to GA on A11y. We are ramping up to help be sure we do everything we can to get a good level of parity.
    • We are planning on getting e10s team + Firefox functional teams together in Orlando to continue the envangelize pruning and greening up of tests on part of module owners.

Release Schedule

Currently Proposed Schedule is to enable e10s by default for Users without Add-Ons for 45.0 and target a larger population for 46.0. As mentioned above, we'll do a go/no-go on the 28th of Dec.

Date Trunk Aurora Beta Release
3-30 40 default (working on m5) 39 off 38 off 37 off
5-11 41 default (working on m6) 40 prompt 39 off 38 off
6-29 42 default (working on m7/m8) 41 prompt 40 off 39 off
8-10 43 default (working on m8) 42 default 41 off 40 off
9-21 44 default (release criteria driven) 43 default 42 TBD 41 off
11-02 45 default (release criteria driven) 44 default 43 A/B 42 off
12-14 46 default (release criteria driven) 45 default 44 TBD 43 off
1-25 47 default (release criteria driven) 46 default 45 TBD 44 off
3-07 48 default (release criteria driven) 47 default 46 TBD 45 (tbd)


Currently working on interim Milestones to track Telemetry Experiments

Status Date Milestone DRI
[DONE] Nov 9 Aurora 43.0 Telemetry Experiment Results Performance Team
[AT RISK] Nov 17 Beta 43.0 Telemetry Experiment Launches Performance Team
[AT RISK] Nov 30 GTB Beta 7 Telemetry Experiment Final Uplifts/Testing Performance Team/RelMan
[ON TRACK] Dec 4 Final Plan of Record Approved Product/Engineering
[ON TRACK] Dec 14 Merge Day - 44.0 B1 GTB RelMan
[DONE] Dec 15 43.0 GA - e10s Disabled RelMan
[DONE] Dec 20 44.0 Beta 1 - e10s A/B Testing enabled Performance Team/RelMan
[DONE] Dec 28 Firefox 45 Go/No-Go Decision Makers
[ON TRACK] Jan 11 44.0 Beta - e10s A/B Testing disabled Performance/RelMan