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10s Weekly Update: Nov 20

Why yellow? e10s is designated 'yellow' or 'at risk' because we need to continue to finalize the Beta and GA Criteria and roll the plan into an official Plan of Record. Engineering team continues to work at high velocity and are in the midst of their final, functional milestone, M8. Validating that all of this work translates into a product we are proud of is key to our success before we do a go to market launch.

Exec Status

  • Engineering continues to burn down M8 Issues. The M8 milestone represents the completion of all functional work deemed necessary for rollout to BETA. Remaining milestone(s) will concentrate on performance work and any incoming issues.
  • Valdiation for Stability and Performance:
    • Aurora 43.0 A/B Telemetry Experiment results are posted, here. bug 1193089 Conclusions and action items based on findings being discussed in a bi-weekly perf/e10s meet and resulting action items will be documented on Thursday 11/12.
    • Beta 43.0 A/B Telemetry Experiment will kick off for Beta 5 which ships on 11/20. This will give us three weeks of data prior to next merge day which is 12/14. We are ready to go with the exception of bug 1198196 and bug 1221674. Landing bug 1221674 in time for Beta 4 is at risk. Meta bug tracking this = bug 1222894.
  • Add-Ons + WebExtensions:
    • Product has requested Add-ons team aggressively outreach to devs, next steps include working with them to create some milestones around this.
    • Helpful tool: http://arewee10syet.com/
    • We will NOT block on slow add-on watcher for any GA plans.
    • We DO need to figure out what the product requirements are, if any for UX relating to Add-ons in an e10s world in general.
    • Shell and elan are working on how to best track the plan for WebExtenstions (milestones, etc). Need to lock down Webextensions criteria in doc by Friday.
  • A11y:
    • Wiki to track work is, here.
    • Decision made to not block going to GA for some segment of the population on A11y. We are ramping up to help be sure we do everything we can to get a good level of parity.
  • Automated tests:
    • We should be good to have our tests for windows enabled by Fx45/Fx46. mochitest-devtools on Windows 7 is about to be enabled bug 1221499. Server capacity is an issue we need to balance .
    • All Linux tests are enabled (that are of priority)