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e10s Weekly Update: Nov 27

This is for Week Ending Nov 27 but publishing on Monday, Nov 30 due to Holiday in US.

Why yellow? e10s is designated 'yellow' or 'at risk' because we need to continue to finalize the Beta and GA Criteria and roll the plan into an official Plan of Record. New milestone for final POR is Dec 4th. Plan of record means our schedule is finalized, we have a product brief to share, and we have a final lock on release criteria.

We have decided to deploy the telemetry experiment for our Beta Population as of 44.0 Beta 1 which ships on Dec 16th. As a reminder, the Telemetry Experiment is in lieu of the Opt-In.

In the parallel, Engineering team continues to work at high velocity and are in the midst of their final, functional milestone, M8. Validating that all of this work translates into a product we are proud of is key to our success before we do a go to market launch.

Currently Proposed Schedule is to enable e10s by default for Users without Add-Ons and target a larger population for 46.0

  • Validation for Stability and Performance:
    • Aurora 43.0 A/B Telemetry Experiment results are posted, here. bug 1193089 Conclusions and action items based on findings are being triaged/discussed in a bi-weekly perf/e10s meeting. Perf plan is here, http://bit.ly/1XtGR4h. List of probes are here: http://bit.ly/1NeBIvM
    • Beta 43.0 A/B Telemetry Experiment was scheduled for 11/20. Plan for 7.5% of the population to have e10s enabled. We have decided to roll this out for 44.0 Beta 1 on Dec 16th instead of 43.0 Beta 7. Why? Because we don't have 100% parity for stability Meta bug = bug 1222894.
    • e10s performance measurement updates
      • Nov 26th triage: spreadsheet
      • Top priority is confirming the apparent e10s responsiveness deficit bug 1182637 & bug 1223780
        • bug 1224374: we need to expand BHR stack coverage to narrow down source of the difference in responsiveness
        • bug 1228437: e10s child processes aren't reporting BHR, this means the measured responsiveness gap is worse than currently thought
      • added probes for e10s memory usage bug 1198209, fixed probe for UI event lag bug 1198196, fixed AsyncShutdown dash bug 1222884 & separated e10s vs non-e10s signatures bug 1222885
      • adding probes for scrolling smoothness bug 1228147 & session-restore time bug 1214158
      • reviewing existing probes to confirm they are meaningful for e10s comparison: page load probes bug 1228020, content process crash probes bug 1227312, active usage hours bug 1187069,
    • Performance Tracker Meta bug 1198187
    • Dashboard to depict areas of strength and where we need to improve is in progress: bug 1210649. Next steps include identifying milestones for when this will be usable.

  • Add-Ons + WebExtensions:
    • Product has requested Add-ons team aggressively outreach to devs, next steps include working with them to create some milestones around this.
    • Source truth for add-ons for priority and status on compatibility can be found, here.
    • We will NOT block on slow add-on watcher for any GA plans.
    • 'We will NOT block on WebExtensions for any GA plans
    • We DO need to figure out what the product requirements are, if any for UX relating to Add-ons in an e10s world in general. This also coincides with the Shield project. UX, and Perf are engaged and we're starting conversations about user interaction and API readiness.
  • A11y:
    • Wiki to track work is, here.
    • Decision made to not block going to GA on A11y. We are ramping up to help be sure we do everything we can to get a good level of parity.
    • We are planning on getting e10s team + Firefox functional teams together in Orlando to continue the envangelize pruning and greening up of tests on part of module owners.
  • Automated tests:
    • We should be good to have our tests for windows enabled by Fx45/Fx46. mochitest-devtools on Windows 7 is about to be enabled bug 1221499. Server capacity is an issue we need to balance.
    • All Linux tests are enabled (that are of priority).

Release Schedule

Currently Proposed Schedule is to enable e10s by default for Users without Add-Ons for 45.0 and target a larger population for 46.0

Date Trunk Aurora Beta Release
3-30 40 default (working on m5) 39 off 38 off 37 off
5-11 41 default (working on m6) 40 prompt 39 off 38 off
6-29 42 default (working on m7/m8) 41 prompt 40 off 39 off
8-10 43 default (working on m8) 42 default 41 off 40 off
9-21 44 default (release criteria driven) 43 default 42 TBD 41 off
11-02 45 default (release criteria driven) 44 default 43 A/B 42 off
12-14 46 default (release criteria driven) 45 default 44 TBD 43 off
1-25 47 default (release criteria driven) 46 default 45 TBD 44 off
3-07 48 default (release criteria driven) 47 default 46 TBD 45 (tbd)


Currently working on interim Milestones to track Telemetry Experiments

Status Date Milestone DRI
[DONE] Nov 9 Aurora 43.0 Telemetry Experiment Results Performance Team
[AT RISK] Nov 17 Beta 43.0 Telemetry Experiment Launches Performance Team
[AT RISK] Nov 30 GTB Beta 7 Telemetry Experiment Final Uplifts/Testing Performance Team/RelMan
[ON TRACK] Dec 4 Final Plan of Record Approved Product/Engineering
[ON TRACK] Dec 14 Merge Day - 44.0 B1 GTB RelMan
[ON TRACK] Dec 15 43.0 GA - e10s Disabled RelMan
TBD Dec 16 44.0 Beta 1 - e10s experiment enabled(?) Performance Team/RelMan