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Active Mozilla Education Projects

The Mozilla Education philosophy is learn by doing. Many students and academics around the world are directly involved in projects with Mozilla. Others are leading projects at academic institutions. This is a list of some of the work that is currently underway:

  • Virtual Seneca: Coding projects and mentorships for computer studies students.
  • Learning Mozilla in Europe: Three month summer course for computer studies students in Europe. (Gregorio: need better title and descriptor)
  • Mozilla Labs Design Challenge: Three week online course for user interface design students. (applications: March 1 / course starts: March 19)
  • Open | Web | Content | Education: Six week online course for educators on the latest in open web technology, content licensing and participatory online teaching. (course starts: March 19)
  • Mozilla student project list: Projects that have been pre-screened as suitable for students new to Mozilla

There are also many other Mozilla-related courses happening around the world. If you run a course like this, please add your info to our learning map.