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Reps Education 2015

This page contains all relevant information for Reps Training & Education at Mozilla for 2015

Q1 Goals

P1 Reps Education & Training Skills Gap Analysis

Education & Training has long been a requested resource of the Reps community and ultimately something that has been more of a trial & error self-guided by SOP Wiki documentation. One exception is the Webmaker project which has provided training to Reps & Community.

To reach our goals for 2015 there needs to be a set of educational materials and training opportunity (not just documentation) to empower Reps success and impact on product goals.

Community Needs Based on Educational Survey

So these are training and education opportunities the community identified as important to their professional development and ability to be effective as contributors and leaders.

Need Missing Partial Complete Outdated External Option Link(s) Comment
Proposal Writing X X
PR & Marketing X
Building Community Partnerships X This would fall under 'recruiting'
Engaging Start-Ups X
Reps Handbook X This is basically a 'lookup resource vrs training'
Technical Training - FFOS X  ? X
Technical Training - Firefox
Technical Training - Mozilla Stack X I'm not sure there is general, high level approach to looking at common technologies at Mozilla
Technical Training - HTML5 Apps X Will talk to MDN team about what is available, when time allows.

Identified Needs based on Project Goals (and echoed in Community Survey)

Need Missing Partial Complete Outdated External Option Links Comment
Recruiting Contributors
Mozilla 101 * * Given the direction of volunteer recruiting for groups, it seems important to have this type of educational offering.
Mentor Base Training [Mentor Role] - Tracks for perspective.
Mentor Specialization Training - Evanglism [Mentor Role] - Tracks for perspective.We will have 2 more tracks
Reps Onboarding/Base Training X We only have 'warm up activities in the Orientation SOP'
Council Onboarding/Training
Public Speaking
Running Events X X
Conflict Resolution

Launch Reps-Specific Training Platform

In partnership with other education partners across Mozilla launch a training platform utilizing a centralized approach to designing and maintaining curriculum across the project.

Deliver Mentor Training

  • Leveraging the Educational Platform:
    • Mentor Base Cirriculum
    • 3 Mentor Specialization Tracks (Specialization formerly SIG)
    • Include Badges for Each Track

Recognition Pilot

Focused on mentor training, award physical badges . Research 'Recognition that Matters'