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How to use the template:

  • As a notepad for your project idea.
  • The pre-defined structure helps to cover all the crucial elements. However, all ideas are different. Add sections and headings that are relevant for your idea.
  • Get the basics down without worrying too much. Don't aim for perfection in the first draft. Almost everything is likely to change.
  • Include notes for yourself ("still need to add URL" etc.) and also questions. The beauty of doing this openly is that someone might come along and offer to help.
  • You can create a new page on this wiki for your project, or move the content somewhere else. Make sure to link to your project blueprint from the Participants page so we can all find it!


Short description: Just a few sentences, about your idea.

Audience: Who will participate?

Goals: What are you trying to achieve with this project. What are the main benefits for participants?

How does it work?: Summary of the design.

Similar projects: Write about similar projects or initiatives, how your project can learn from them and extend what the have done - or how you could collaborate. Know what others are doing!

Open Technology

Describe the main tools and applications you intend to use to implement the project. Are they open?

Open Content / Licensing

What types of content are you using or producing, and how are they licensed. Do you need to clear copyright for any of them? Are there institutional policies that affect what you can (or cannot) do?

Open Pedagogy

How do participants learn? What forms of assessment are you using?

Diagram / Sketch