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Short description: The discussion and design of a system, or set of systems, that might resemble an LCMS with more of a focus on community and social factors.

Audience: Educators, designers, developers, students and any who wish to use the open systems for the benefit of self or others.


  • content authoring/editing
  • the ability to acquire and ingest externally developed assets
  • a centralized learning repository (ex. Question Pool, Shared Documents Library)
  • assessment development
  • versioning and history
  • metadata / taxonomy support
  • support for publishing of web, CD, print, presentation requirements associated with e-learning or ILT
  • standards support
  • development process management
  • a dynamic delivery interface; and,
  • student administration tools" -[1]

How does it work?:
* Open and distributed content management system allows for the creation, sharing and remixing of content. A system of format schema and tools interact to create the flexibility and utility needed.

  • Blog, wiki and forum solutions for each community give local and general audiences and communication. A distributed program/system/tool would be best for this, making the communities based on identity and involvement.
  • Institutions, organizations and groups can create their own communities for different purposes and handle the social rules of those communities. These communities can create and use content as they see fit with the tools and formats that are the content management system.
  • The content is developed by interested parties for personal and organizational benefit.
  • Participation is not limited to the digital realm, but in fact uses the digital as a means of catalyzing the physical and mental actions needed to get the most of the physical and mental realms.

There is much more to this concept as it is made up of many systems that interact.

Similar projects: Write about similar projects or initiatives, how your project can learn from them and extend what the have done - or how you could collaborate. Know what others are doing!

Open Technology

Open Content / Licensing

Open Pedagogy


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