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Learning Mozilla

Where can I find Mozilla source code?

Mozilla source code can be searched and browsed using the Mozilla Cross-Reference (MXR) and the Mercurial Web interface (hgweb). You can obtain the latest source code using Mercurial.

How do I build Firefox, Thunderbird or another Mozilla project?

See the Mozilla Developer Centre's Build Documentation.

Communicating with Mozilla

What is IRC and how do I use it to talk to the Mozilla community?

IRC is the Internet Chat Relay system, a real-time chat protocol used by Mozilla to connect developers around the world. See the Mozilla IRC Guide.

Mozilla has a lot of websites. How do I know where to look for things?

Mozilla uses many different sites to organize its communities and projects. Here are some recommendations for where to look for things as you start:

Mozilla Code

A lot of people use const Ci = Components.interfaces; Ci.nsISomeInterface. Why?

Using the Ci constant is faster because .interfaces has to go through XPConnect, slowing it down.

When I run my debug build on Windows, I get a lot of pop-ups for assertions. How can I stop this?

Before you run your build, set the following environment variable: